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Injection Protocol Change?

Hi all,

I am new to the forum. Very glad I found this site.

I have a question about injection protocols and if I would benefit in changing mine. I’ve searched and read posts. Just wasn’t sure.

I have a SHBG of 58. Range = 18-66 nmol/ml

Do I have what is considered high SHBG? Or just middle of the road?

I currently do one injection of 125ml (of 200ml Testosterone Cypionate) a week.

I feel pretty good, just no real libido (but I do have night and morning wood). No other sides.

Could I benefit from going to a twice a week protocol? Or EOD? or just stay the course?

I’ve been on TRT for about 3 months. I’m 60yrs old, 6’8" tall, former Basketball player. I lost 30lbs before I started TRT (lost my gut). I’m down to about 233lbs right now. I work out every day (Lift 3 days, Cardio 7 Days). I’ve gained a lot of strength and muscle back. And I’m looking the best I’ve looked in my life. My wife just started HRT 2 1/2 months ago also. So we are excited to do this journey together.

I found a great private practice Dr. that specializes in TRT/HRT, Anti-Aging. He works with athletes, Body builders, and fitness models and is an athlete himself. He is all about how you feel and doesn’t chase numbers. And has been very open to make any change that makes YOU feel your best. I feel very lucky to find him after getting nowhere with my INS Dr’s.

Thanks for any suggestions

Your SHBG is high normal, by Labcorps accounts it’s above the reference ranges. Once weekly injections doesn’t work for everyone, some feel a different or crash 4-5 days after an injection and need more frequency.

If estrogen is low of high, your libido and erections will be impacted negatively. We really need to see Total T, Free T (directly measured) and estrogen.

It could take a year to dial in your TRT protocol to find out what works and what doesn’t.

The sick care system is the last place anyone should look to for TRT, sick care just doesn’t really have many doctors that specialize in this area of medicine.

They are all located in anti-aging and sports medicine.

My SHBG is on the lower end (16-22) and Free T is high normal with only 500 Total T, I inject 24mg (96 weekly) every 2 days.

No 58 is high in my book. With a single weekly shot there is a chance your SHGB will drop over time.
My pre TRT was 38 and now 4 years later it’s 29. @29 I inject twice a week.
My libido was the last thing to get turned on with TRt it took over a year and half before I started getting frisky. Looking back it may have started sooner. My doc upped my dose a few years back and TT went over 1300 and BAM my libido kicked in big time. In fact I could not wait for it to go down a bit.
Good luck to you.

You should be fine with once weekly injections. The majority of guys on TRT inject once a week. If you start to feel a little down around day five or so you might consider increasing the frequency.

If possible, post your levels, labs drawn at trough, just prior to your weekly injection. My guess is that 125mg is too low. Most do 150-200mg. Doctor is likely starting you out low and will move you up from there.

My wife does HRT as well, life changing results. Started at 56, wishes she did 7-8 years sooner.

It’s pretty high so your free testosterone may be lower (around 1%, 2-3% is ideal) meaning you’ll need to run your total test higher to get your free test up there.

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