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Injection Protocol and Delayed Site Pain


Whenever I injected (I've only done one cycle), I would draw out the liquid, remove the pin from the bottle and push out all the air. I've been told that you can also leave about half a CC or so of air behind the liquid in the syringe and inject until all the liquid is gone. When all the liquid is gone you should feel a "pop" and that way you know all the liquid is out. Has anyone tried this?

I never had problems pinning my glutes and delts. I would rarely get any blood coming out after pulling the syringe even. However throughout my entire 8 week first cycle, injection would go fine, but 3-4 days later the site would become tender and swollen with pain. Never hindered my lifting or strength though. I was Injecting 1 cc twice a week. My glutes and delts would hurt for a good 1.5 to 2 weeks after every injection.

I don't think I was doing anything wrong, but I am a bit concerned as in my next cycle I will be injecting a little bit more volume.


You don't have to worry about the air so much. It doesn't matter.

And the air moves around as you inject because it is not always held upright.

It is an inflamatory response you are getting, but need not worry. Just look out for infection.


yea i paid very close attention for signs of infection, but it was just always some tenderness and swelling. I was hoping that as my body got used to the cyp it would subside however


I also had pain post injection my first few shots. As the sites got use to it though It got better and better until there was no pain at all. I do think your muscle needs to get use to haveing juice injected into it. Perhaps because of your shorter cycle and changing sites often they never did learn to like it.

that was my experence anyay