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Injection Problem


I have been cruising for about a year and take one pin a week alternating glutes. I use a 25g 1" needle.

So the last two weeks mid-injection it felt like the needle hit a nerve and I involuntarily started having muscle spasms which was not fun. What is going on here? Is it scar tissue? Am I in the wrong spot?

Thanks in advance!


I occasionally have something similar happen - It basically feels like there is resistance against the needle and it won’t go in any further. Can also cause some minor muscle spasm but no pain.

I just abort the injection, put a fresh needle on there and move to a different site.


Your glute is a big muscle group and there are a lot of nerves there. The most well-known would be the sciatic, which is the main back pain causing nerve in the area, though it is usually not an issue unless you inject into the lower/inner glute. Any of the other nerves in the area could have caused a muscle spasm. I wouldn’t be concerned about it unless you have ongoing pain from it. In the meantime maybe rotate to another area of the body. Delts if yours are large enough or you have somebody to administer, quads are easier to self-administer the tend to be a little more sensitive.


Maybe your gong a bit deep. Might watch some videos on IM injections to get you on point. I’ve got the problem of going to deep I think. Just a thought. How it all works out bro.


Normal… do what pex86 just said… to avoid it, try at the outside, don’t be afraid of don’t hit the muscle, if you have some muscles there, force your butt and you’ll see (haha) where you can inject. I had some of this problem when trying to pin in the upper middle, there is a lot of nerves and veins, not cool.