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Injection Problem! Need All Members Help


I'm on week 4 of an 8 week cycle and Ive encountered an injection problem on Monday. Im injecting myself in my glute(left but cheeck this time) As i stuck myself there wasn't anything different, until I asperated. As I was asperating I believe I might have moved the syringe a little bit and I felt a pinch...Its the only way I can think of to describe it to you guys. As soon as I felt the pinch I felt it run dowm my leg, basically in a straight line down to my heel. I pushed the plunger in anways...figured I was already in plus I knew it wasn't a vein.

After I finished injecting when I stood up and walked around my leg felt really tight, almost like it was cramping up. I stretched a little bit, even sat on a foam roller but it didnt do any help. So it's been 2 day since then and everything feels the same. My leg feels really tight, especially my hamstring I can pinpoint the line dowm my hammy tht it hurts, its sore just sitting down and to the touch, even when I lift my leg up(as doing a quad stretch)my hamstring still feels really tight. I'm getting kind of concerned and was wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem, or might have an idea of what I did. I would really appreciate any and all advice/info.

And its really hard to Google/T-Nation search "stuck myself in the ass and now it hurts" so please don't gimme the your a 2009 figure it out yourself. I have 23g 1 1/2 pins


hang on tight, surely a vet here will be able to help


Well, I'm pretty sure you hit a nerve. Beyond that I'm afraid I can't really help. Should help with your googling.... Good luck.


Sounds like you hit a nerve. Are you injecting in the correct quadrant?


Yeah, where exactly did you inject? Please be specific.



But if you're planning on taking a pic, please only send it to Cortes, being he's the one who asked for specifics.


Well I enjected test enanthate, 2ml I used a 23g 1 1/2 pin. I injected it into my left asscheek. Basically middle top? not quite sure hot to exactly place it. I have a lot of friends/former teammates who had done it and its teh same exact spot they showed me. this is my 4th cycle ever and this is the first froblem ive encountered. I really need some help/info T members!!!


If you did inject near a nerve I think that it is possible that the bolus of oil can still be putting pressure on the nerve. If that is the case I guess you will just have to wait for the amount of oil to shrink to alleviate the pressure. Stay away from that site for a while, until the discomfort is completely gone. I wouldn't touch it either, just pay attention to it to make sure it doesn't get worse ie signs of infection or an abcess (inflamation, warmth etc)


Well the pain/tightness isnt even in my ass anymore, there is no soreness in my ass from the injection. Its strictly in my hammstring, the thing is that when I originaly injected like I said as soon as i felt a pinch I could feel it run down the middle of my leg, and this tightness/pain is still in the middle of my leg, but it's not in my asss or calf anymore. Also, is it possible that I could of severed a nerve with the pin? Thanks Bonez for your help so far and all info is much appreciated


"Middle top" is not the correct location for a gluteal injection. You should be hitting the upper distal portion of the glutes, more toward your hips. The farther toward your asscrack you move the closer you get to the sciatic nerve. I really don't know much about this, but BONEZ suggestion of the oil bolus possibly placing pressure on a nerve sounds feasible to me.


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Favorited. No, I really do! :smiley:


Heat, lots of heat.If its the bolus of oil creating pressure then heat will disipate the oil faster.Also some heat on your sore hamstring wont hurt.

Do you feel pain while lying down if you pull your toes back towards your knee.If so its probably sciatica.

If you feel pain while lying down when you lift your leg up its more likely actually your hamstring.



or maybe the femoral one


Is it possible I tore my sciatica? because I felt it before I injected the test, like I said I might of moved it slightly then felt the pinch, then pushed the plunger. Ill heat it tonight, before I go to bed. So its nto as much discomfort if I'm laying on my back and I pull my toes toward me. But if Im in that position with toes pulled back and I lift my leg I feel it right in my hammy. Also, yes it does hurt when I bring my heel to my ass.


Lol. If you tore your sciatic nerve you'd be having a lot more issues than you have now. The sciatic nerve is pretty fuckin big (relatively speaking), I know, I've dissected it out. But yeah, you just have a bolus of oil sitting next to your nerve and it should go away in about a week. As far as I know if it's just pressure you have nothing to worry about. The same thing happened to me. Just not quite as severely as you're stating.


I would assume you injected and pushed (touched only) against the sciatic nerve with the needle (not the point), and on doing do you felt the pinch and the sensation down the leg.

On doing this anyone with half a fucking braincell would surely remove the needle and do it again.. but seeing as you injected a full 2 ml at this location, it seems as though this depot is around the nerve itself, maybe causing some discomfort.

If this is the case (i really think it is from the little i know) then it will pass.