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Injection Pain


Hey all,

I'm having an issue with an injection I did this past Sunday in the morning. I injected in my glute area...not ventroglute area. I have no pitting edema whatsoever. The injection site is just sore and swollen still to this day. The pain has subsided a bit but nothing substantial. I followed all the proper steps to injecting a clean, uncontaminated 1ml into my glute.

That pin was the third pin of the cycle. I have never pinned my glute. Could this just be stemmed from pinning a virgin muscle???? If the pain and swelling are still decent by Sunday, I plan on going to a clinic.

Due to my job, I cannot go to my clinic. Any of you have any suggestions???



By the way, I have read the sticky written by Prisoner and have done my research. Just wanted an opinion as I didn't see anything covering something without edema as one of the symptoms.


how did you distinguish between swollen and edema? edema would cause swelling.... how lateral did you inject? did you move the needle at all while injecting?


I determined this as I do not feel any mushy tissue as stated in other injection threads. I have experienced edema in the past while injecting sustanon 250 and I definitely know what edema is and feels like.

I was careful not to move the needle at at while injecting. As far as laterally injecting, I'm not sure how to determine that.


At this point, if there is no redness or heat at the injection site, you're probably fine.

Glutes tend to hold more fat that other muscle groups, and you need to be sure and use a long needle (1.5" is probably best) and to make sure you inject as deeply as possible into the muscle. I'm not sure why it happens, but a shallow injection can be absolute agony up to a week later. This very thing happened to me with a glute shot, and I was to the point where I almost couldn't sit down for a week. I could not sleep on that side at all.

In addition, you injected into "virgin" muscle, as you said. Usually the first few injections into any new site are going to hurt more than others anyway. You may have compounded this by injecting shallowly.

If you did not inject shallowly, I'm not sure what to tell you, but based upon your description and my own personal experience this would be my guess.


I've had a similar experience with some swelling in the glute. I think it was from a shallow injection because there was some redness, very slight amount of heat, but it got better every day after the injection. It was not an infection in my case. I kept an eye on it and decided that it may have been due to some slight irritation from the BA.

Or I also thought that I may have injected close to a nerve and the glob of oil was putting some pressure on it. I'm not really sure. I was also injecting 2ml at a time, so that didn't make it easier.

I'd say skip that site this time around and go back to it if you want in the next rotation if it clears up.


I forgot to mention that there was a slight amount of heat in my experience as well, BONEZ (no redness, though). And I would agree with your assessment that something about that area and BA do not mix, but in all honesty I'm not really sure what the root cause is.


Yea I was completely sure that it was nothing serious so I just kept and eye on it and injected there less frequently after it happened.


So update...I'm at work today/tonight. I decided to take a nap and said to myself, "Try sleeping on your stomach for once jackass and give your butt a break." So I did. I took about a three hour nap sleeping on my stomach and boy did it make a difference. From all the sitting, sleeping on my side, driving in the car and other ass related activities (no gay shit here!!), I think that is what was making it irritated. My ass cheek feels 90% better is just three hours!! It still feels tight and a bit warm but the soreness has subsided tremendously.

I'll keep you guys posted.

Thanks BONEZ and Cortes for the info!!!


My ass cheek feels a lot better!! I think I'm going to stick to pinning my quads and delts. I am still a bit cautious on pinning my delts because I have had the pain that some people mentioned on here about the oil running down from their delt injection and irritating the area on the side of the arm where the bicep ties in to the delt.

My quads are fine though. I have sore quads nearly every time I pin them, but at least the pain is manageable. I have not tried the ventroglute area because it is hard for me to find and I don't want to risk pinning the ITB or something else.


If you want to pin delts, I have found that the best area to pin is the dorsal head. The medial and ventral heads tend to give a lot more problems. I've had all sorts of different pain, and a number of squirters from the latter two heads, and never a single problem from the former. It's a little harder to get back there, but if you'll put your pinning arm's elbow against a wall and use your body to press it, that will pull your arm over pretty well so that you can easily pin, in my experience.


Which one is the medial head??? I'm only familiar with delts by rear, lateral, and front!!


Cant you work it out knowing where the heads lie and the meaning of 'medial'?!

Cortes - i have never heard them as referred to as dorsal and ventral - i thought the planes were anterior, posterior, lateral, medial, inferior and superior... With the deltoid heads being to the rear (posterior) to the front (anterior) and at the side of the body (lateral).

With anterior being to the front, posterior being the the rear, lateral to each side of the medial line - what is the exact physiological positioning of the words dorsal and ventral?



I knew I was fucking that up when I wrote it and my brain just was not working at all. Yes, they are referred to as the anterior and posterior heads.

From wikipedia:

In human anatomical usage, anterior refers to the "front" of the individual, and is synonymous with ventral. Similarly, posterior, in medical anatomy refers to the "back" of the subject, and is synonymous with dorsal (see Table 3).[20] The terms "dorsal" and "ventral" are used in human anatomy, but infrequently when referring to the body as a whole.

So I'm not completely off base :wink:


I didnt think so - i have of course heard the words before (ventrogluteal) but i wasnt sure of their correct anatomical placing in comparison to the aforementioned ones.

I guess dorsal and ventral are used when describing organ anatomy rather than bodypart anatomy...

Thanks! :slight_smile:


So being the "not so smart" guy that I am, I'd imagine the medial head is the lateral head, right?

So update, everything is feeling fine now. I've pinned again in the quad earlier tonight and hit a nerve going in and it made my leg twitch. I pulled out, sat around chicken shit for a few minutes and then hit it again with no problems.

Has anyone ever been scared after hitting a nerve??