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Injection Pain & Swelling in the Lower Back



Im on a 7th week of my 14 week cycle of test-e, 750mg/week. First 3 weeks I had severe PIP after every injection. Week 3-5 I didn't have any issues. Now last two weeks Im getting some test flu and pretty bad post injection pain again. Oh, and I've injected mainly glutes, I tried quads but it was a big mistake with this Balkan Pharm (sh*t?) gear Im using.

Now the pain has moved to my lower back, right above the tailbone, and the area is swollen too. I've had this once or twice before during this cycle but it went away in a day or so. Now it's been 3 days since it started hurting, and I think this is from my injection last monday. I inject 1,5ml every monday and thursday.

Have I hit the lymphatic system or a nerve or what is causing these problems? There's no infection, that's for sure. Im taking ibuprofen now, I first tried to manage without it but it seems impossible now..

The gear is working although it's quality can be questioned. I've gained 25 pounds now and strength is up the roof.. Maybe it's my body, maybe it's the drug, I dont know.. Im trying quads again tomorrow with smaller amounts of gear (0,75ml / quad). My injection technique is pretty good and thorough so I don't think it's effecting this..

Any suggestions on my problem?



If you injected into a nerve you would've known immediately. Soreness around the lower back sounds like back pumps from dbol but you didn't mention any other compounds that you're on- including an AI. And if you're not taking an AI, then this may be the least of your problems.


Im testing formestane as on cycle AI since I can't get adex here. I know it's stupid to experiment like this with a substance that is a lot milder than adex, but something is better than nothing. I dont feel like I have an issue with estrogen, but ofcourse I cant say that for sure.

Im sure this is injection related. I've had this happen 3 times after my LEFT glute injections only.

Im not using any other compounds, Im starting dbol next week. I know a difference between a back pump and this.


This same type of thing happened with me 2 weeks ago. Its a classic example of when an IM injection goes too shallow or comes back up the injection enterence and goes SubQ. It will pass within a good week Im sure. If you just simply want answers to why the pain spread, and caused swelling-this is why.

Next time inject slower and when all is done, wait a few seconds before pulling the pin out. I honestly wait like 15mins after inject before I massage the area because Id rather minimize the chance of my injection leaking SubQ.

What size pin do you use?


I use 22G 1.5inch long needles (0,7x40mm).

I try to inject 1ml / 10sec and keep the pin in about 15-30seconds. I massage the area about an hour later.


I use 22G 1.5inch long needles (0,7x40mm).

I try to inject 1ml / 10sec and keep the pin in about 15-30seconds. I massage the area about an hour later.


my only other advise would be to try pinning with a 25g. Could just be a bad inject of some sort.


I'll try quads tomorrow and we'll see if that helps. I changed my injection style from using two hands to using only one hand, maybe that has something to do with it also :stuck_out_tongue:


I never recommend injecting quads. Nurses never inject there. Some people are ok with quads others experience more pain there than anywhere else.

Glutes, ventro glute, delt. 6 sites is plenty for E3D injections.


Yeah I was totally crippled when I injected to quads earlier this cycle. But maybe it wont react that bad anymore.


huh? why would you assume that doing the same thing would lead to a different result.

Havent you ever heard that Einstein quote?


I've been cycling for 4 years and fortunately have not experienced anything what you have described. A friend did however and went immediately to the hospital where he found out he had a bad batch. Another friend found out he was allergic to it, he never told me what happened and is afraid to juice.

Only thing I can think of: Sounds like your body is reacting to something (duh, right). Why this late, I don't know, however, stranger things have happened. Simplest to do is keeping everything clean and don't reuse things that have the potential of becoming dull. You prob don't have that problem though and I'd just assume it was a fluke (random reaction to something). Ok with that said, you might consider injecting in other places. Although I've never seen it online, it has worked for me and my workout partner for quite some time. Who knows, maybe it will for you too. Your stats seem fitting, but you will be the ultimate judge to know if your muscles are big enough to take the injection.
Places we inject 1-2cc: ventrogluteal (whenever)
Places we inject .5-1cc: Pecs [3 different areas] (on pec day), biceps [2 areas] (on pec day), triceps [inner or outer, not center] (on arms day), calves 2 areas, Lats [3 areas] (lat day), traps (whenever)
Places we never inject because it hurts or its too small: quads, forearm (and below the bicep), abs, lower back

Hopes this helps


I had never injected quads before so maybe it wouldn't hurt so much now when it's not a virgin muscle anymore. Best way to know is to try, right? ;D



Thanks for you reply, but

I think I will keep it simple and try other things first.

My gear is definately not the best quality out there but let's hope I can handle the pain and get rid of it totally.


So I injected quads 2 days ago and had only minor post injection pain. Strange.


sorry to bring up an old thread, but Im in week 5 and look like a lumpy freak. I have always had a problem with BP gear , the stealth is worse even. No idea why, no idea why they cant get their formula on deck. I guess cutting with sterile oil might help the issue. high Benzyl maybe, its not dirty otherwise Id have infections. Just causes a hard mass that lasts for about 2-3 days, hence I dont shoot glutes cause then I can go to work. swelling travels to tailbone often. I'm not hitting nerves or veins or whatever, I am positive. Ive done hundreds and hundreds of shoots. no ,atter deep or shallow IM the swelling and lump still occcurs.

Does the job though! So I put up with it, having only one sourse. Fck it!
Peptides all the way for next couple months then AAS again to filll those new cells up :))