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Injection pain question

Whenever I saw someone say ‘Watch out for this AAS its a real painful shot’
I always thought that they meant it was painful to inject and that it caused some kind of instant burning or sharp pain because of the solvents in the injection.

But having tried Sust and Prop the only pain I experienced was soreness at the site some hours after and no pain on injection. So are these guys talking about pain AT time of injection or the delayed onset of pain AFTER injection?
Or both?
Personally I’ve found undiluted prop causes pronounced swelling and soreness at the site of injection 3-4hours after.

Yes its pain well after the injection that lasts for days. Dilution is the best plan

Test susp. can give you a nice burning sensation at the time of injection. The only thing I’ve ever used that did this at time of inject.

Yes, I am using some locally formulated testosterone propionate that is 200mg/cc (I know usually test prop is 50 or 100). I am injecting EOD alternating from glutes to quads. I haven’t had any pain until my last injection: using a 29 guage 5/8 inch to inject 1cc into my left thigh. The pain came on today, one day later, and my thigh is now throbbing. It hurts when I put weight on my left foot. Weirdly enough, there is no swelling. What’s up with that? I have never had pain without swelling from an injection site. There has been no fever accompanying the pain. Does that mean that I can rule out the cause of the pain to be impurities in the test prop?

i just injected some prop into both shoulders. 1/2cc of qv prop with 1/4cc of homebrew tren. i woke up in the middle of the night around three and couldnt go back to sleep cuz i felt like i got shot in the shoulder with a .22.

in the morning i took 800mg ibuprofren with breakfast and all is well.

Yeah, ibuprofen helps me alot! I found quad shots of prop to be debilitating. Couldn’t do legs for days. I did a delt shot with 1ml 100mg/ml and it hurts, but is much better than the quads. Warmed the site prior to injection, as well as the injection itself. Then massaged for 10 minutes after, then did some light shoulder exercise. Seems to have helped.

hmm…thats weird, because it doesnt bother me at all in the quads or glutes.