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Injection Pain - Post Injection

Hey guys! Was wondering, why some weeks I get REALLY crippling butt pain post injection and other weeks I don’t? Is there anything I can do to prevent the pain? Massage?

The solution is simple, inject with 29 gauge insulin syringes in the quads and shoulders, otherwise it’s a pain in the butt.

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I’ve been injecting with 29 gauge needles subq, in my belly. No pain at all.

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How long are the 29g insulin syringes you use? Would they be too short for use in the glute?

Same. I use 29 g 0.5 inch insulin syringes to both draw and inject. The draw time is slow, so I set it up somewhere upside down and wait a few minutes. I rotate between quad and delt injections personally because I nearly feel nothing in those two locations and then have 4 sites (2 quads and 2 delts) to rotate through. I’ve been using this method for years now. There’s no need to inject intramuscular or into the glute. We just need to get the testosterone into our blood and this accomplishes that.

You can usually purchase these syringes online; I do. Search for insulin syringes, 29 gauge 1/2 inch.

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A 1/2" 29 gauge syringe wouldn’t hit muscle in the glutes, it would be SQ.

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I use a 30g 5/8 needle in the belly fat. I draw with a 20g and then switch needles for the injection.