Injection Pain Help

I read the sticky for the record.

But I did my first test inject saturday. And still 2 days later my right glute is VERY sore. There is a little lump where I injected almost like a pimple would get before it comes to the surface. But it is not swollen or black and blue.

Any help?

You’re fine.

Normal, Just do to it being a new muscle inject?

From the very limited information you provide, I’d guess you both didn’t get deep enough and the muscle is sore from not being “used to” injections.

As Bonez says, you’re fine.


Read the thread a few down called ‘post injetion soreness’ or something like that. By blades.

Yep sounds like you didn’t go deep enough. Where did you inject, what size needle did you use?

I’ve had the same thing happen. It goes away.

Yes its likely both; new inject & lack of depth. For glutes you need to be at least an inch deep. 1.5" is preferred.

I used a 1.5, 23 gauge. And i went all the way in.

[quote]BLS2009 wrote:
I used a 1.5, 23 gauge. And i went all the way in. [/quote]

After the injection is done keep the needle in for a few seconds so the oil has less of chance to come back out. Remove it quickly.

Ok thanks guys