Injection Pain First Cycle

Hey so I just started my first cycle ever and it’s 500mg of test c every week. I pin twice a week (Monday and Thursday) in each glute 250mg. I take all sanitary precautions and heat my gear under hot water for a minute or two. Also I massage my injection site for a couple minutes following a hot shower. I have some pretty serious post injection pain enough to actually make me not go train and to a point to where I limp around everywhere I go. Is this pretty normal for a “virgin” muscle? Also how long will it take for my muscles to get used to injections? If I have this kind of pain the whole 12 weeks then I better load up on NSAID’s lol. Really just curious if the pain lessens each injection?

What is the strength of your test? Pharma or UG? What is the carrier oil? Does it contain EO? What percentage bb and ba?

  1. 250mg per ml
  2. UG
  3. Grape seed Oil
    Unsure on the EO and BA

Anyway did pinning get less painful over time of your cycle?

I have never had PIP with Test C IM other than for a few hours. I don’t heat it or anything else.

Test P, another story. That shit hurts.

Are you shooting in your glutes?

I think you may have gotten a bad batch man. You may need to dispose of it and start from fresh. If you send it to me, I will dispose of it safely and humanely.

Describe your injection protocol. Why the glute? I find it hard to get that angle.

Yes, so far I’ve pinned in each glute and have no pain in the glute I first pinned in. Injected in my second glute on Thursday and still feel it but will probably have no pain Monday.