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Injection Options


Was wondering if most experienced users get someone to pierce their glutes for them or if they do it themselves.

Some pros and cons to each option?

Salute, M


I see no reason for it unless you are just into that kind of thing.

If you can wipe your ass, you can get a needle around to the upper outside quadrant of your buttcheek.

I used to press the opposite arm's elbow against a wall and use the wall to pull my hand over, then I can stabilize the needle with this hand. But now I use one hand and don't worry about it.

No big deal.


I use one hand.


I usually just have to twist to find the site and stick the needle. After that I can face front and just work with both hands behind my back. I've bent a needle 3 times and all three were with a 1.5" 25 that took hours to get the oil through. Using a 1" 25 allows the oil to flow easy enough to not have to apply a ton of pressure that can cause unsteady hands.

I doubt I'll ever let someone stick a needle in me anywhere besides my delt because some injections have been uncomfortable on the way in and I can only imagine that someone jabbing the needle in would have made that worse. I like having control of how fast I insert the needle.



I could hardly imagine allowing someone to inject me in the quads.