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Injection Odditity


I keep having this weird thing happen every time I pin my quads. BTW I rotate between delts, quads, and calves.

Seems like, without fail, every time I pin my quads I get pretty bad pain, swelling, and some slight pitting edema like 2 inches below the injection site. It never get's red or hot, but I always have those same 3 symptoms and it only happens in my quads, no other site.

I usually end up doing some (very painful) make shift foam rolling with my shaving cream bottle and that seems to help.

Any ides on why this keeps happening? The swelling and pain doesn't bother me too much but the pitting edema always freaks me out. Sometimes this lasts up to like 2 weeks and it's a pain in the ass. So, besides the obvious answer of don't pin quads, any suggestions?


What length of needle are you pinning with?


Firstly, why do you choose calves over Glutes, VG, Bicep, Lat, Trap or even Triceps? Calves are notoriously worse to inject (nerves and blood vessels) than any of the listed sites (with the exception of possible triceps IME).

Where do you inject on the quad? There are a number of users here who like to inject the rec fem for example and i wonder if you are one..


3/4 inch



I inject into site 1.

I really have no negative issues with calves, I just like pinning there.


Try icing immediately after your injections as a preventative measure. I've noticed that icing the site right after I inject for 20 minutes helps minimize pain and swelling.


EDIT: My bad Brook, linked the wrong pic. I pin the same spot as this guy does in the pic


P.S. Look how tiny that dudes legs are lol


....that's why I never inject in the quad unless it's a water-base AAS or GH (yes GH IM, it rocks) with a 1/2 inch slin pin. It's always pain for days no matter what location on the quad with oil based and a 1.5 needle. Glutes, no problem, no pain ever.


Quads suck, end of story.


I get no pain whatsoever using slin pins into the lateral part of the thigh.


You are suffering from a minor case of a particular strain of the ghey. The best/only cure is to man the fuck up.


Why not just pin delts, glutes, VG?


Yah I usually massage the muscle for a few minutes, but I might have to start icing.


No joke, it completely fucks up my leg training. Seems like I can only train quads like once a week, if that, because it hurts so fucking bad.


Well I'm kind of afraid to use a 3/4 inch pin on my glutes to be honest and I really don't want to buy more. VG, I still can't figure out exactly where it is even though I've seen it discussed on here


I doubt you plan to go off the juice forever after this cycle. Stock up

20 pins cost $3. Get some 1.5" 23 (all purpose IMO) and some 1" 25 (my preference) and some slin pins when you have to do daily shots. And the great thing is that gpz will get them to your house in 3 days, on the east coast at least.


The exact same reason I haven't tried VG yet.


I found it the first time i tried it, but couldn't find it again!!!

Like the g spot!


The flesh on the side of your body near the hip bone, that's the VG site. It's actually pretty big compared to the other sites. It should tense up when you put weight on that leg and soften when you lean on the other side.


Find the spot 1/2 way between the greater trocanter and the illiac crest and 1" to the rear. That is VG.