Injection Mistake

I just did my shot of decca/test cyp which i usually do in my hamstring. i noticed i went a little too far to the side of my leg rather than the more towards the frontal part.

My question is, what if you dont hit the muscle correctly, is the gear still effective?

If you are still injecting into muscle, especially a big muscle, its fine. Accurate injection instruction is more for your protection than being condusive to uptake.

I have shot in pretty much all the muscle groups, but I still could never bring myself to pin my hamstring.

I have pinned biceps, triceps, pecs, traps, glutes, quads, and shoulders but have never attempted to inject my hamstrings. I have a hard enough time getting around to do a glute let alone hit my hamstring.

But hey, to each his own. As long as it made it into the muscle there should be no trouble. Aspirate to make sure you are good then inject. I’m just curious why is it that you are trying to inject in your hamstrings?

I found my first 10 or so pins were in the complete wrong spot, but no problems at all in terms of gains, so as long as you hit the muscle, and draw no blood you will be fine.

Sweet name BTW, have a soft spot in your heart for opiates? I’ve had “the patch” once and it was a fun ride!