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Injection Issue...


I recently bought supertest 450. I transferred two 5ml stealth pouches to a vial. Swabbed everything each time before touching it with the needle. I havent had any trouble til my last injection from the vial this past sat. There was 1.5 ml remaining and I decided to do it all. Thats 675 mg of a tes cocktail... more volume and srength than ever before for me. By monday the top of my glute was noticibly protruding and a solid tennis ball sized knot had formed within my muscle tissue. No real discoloration or fever. Just a little pink and warm. But very painful. No pitting. Very firm.

Tuesday and wednesday I felt like I had the flu. My skin ached but I never registered a fever. In fact I felt well enough wednesday afternoon to train. I wished I hadnt later that night though. Today Ive felt good and the swelling decreased by about half. But when I got home from work and got out of my jeans, I noticed a section of my side ,leg, hip area that was puffy just under my fat layer. Almost like it was carrying the oil I shot saturday... If I push hard and long, it does leave an indention for a few seconds. This hasnt been so til today. Again, I have felt great today. And the knot has decreased a significant amount. Still hurts at the knot site but not as intense.

Everything seems to be getting better but Im still a little confused bout whats happened. Ive use juice for many years and never had any issues whatsoever... Any coments are greatly appreciated and welcomed... Thanks


Too shallow of an injection.

And there is really no need to use more than 1ml in a single spot. Just split the shot up and avoid the possibility of a hassel.


1 1/2" x 22 ga needle. To the hub… I dont know if my supplier is using high quantities of BA or not. Thats the first time I ever injected that much volume in one area. Im hoping my body just didnt like that combination of BA and the size of the shot. I also didnt heat that one as much as I normally do. Thanks for the feedback.


1.5ml in the glute shouldn’t be an issue, but if its the first time with a larger volume, then its understandable that it would be irritated. 1.5" should be deep enough unless your overweight.


If it doesn’t go away by Saturday, I’d head to the ER…1.5 ml is really not that much, esp in the glute. If I had a tennis ball sized lump in my muscle I’d be freaking the fuck out. Good luck man, the anxiety would be killing me.


I’ve injected up to 3cc into my glute with 23 ga 1 1/2 with no issues. MAybe im just lucky or it could be an issue with your gear.


A needle that wide, I wouldnt be surprised if some of the oil seeped out towards the surface on the way out.

I dont understand how people use such wide needles when 29s are just as easy to get.


i use 25 ga now and prefer them much more over the 23’s. You use 29! Takes forever to inject with the 25ga cant imagine a 29.


I generally use 23s also. But I am having bleeding issues (along with oil leakage despite ALL the classic preventative measures) now after every single injection (which isn’t always the case) so I think I might give it a go with a 29 possibly. Bonez, do you warm up the gear in the syringe with hot water for a long while before injecting with a 29g?


No. The 1ml or .5ml barrel creates more pressure (when equal amount of force is applied) at the needle compared to a 3ml barrel. So the smaller needle isnt a problem. Also the 29g is .5" instead of 1" or 1.5". This makes a significant difference in how fast the oil flows. I think that’s sound physics. It’s harder to push oil through a 1.5" 25g 3ml barrel than it is to go through .5" 29g 1ml barrel.

And injecting oil into a muscle quickly is not a good idea. 10 seconds per ml, minimum, IMO.

Insulin needles also save gear and are more accurate. Ive found that a 3ml barrel and a 20g needle loses .1ml of oil every time.


Thanks for the response. I certainly agree with the slow injection.

Would you recommend that length of a needle even in a fattier area such as a glute?

EDIT: or I guess are you just not concerned whether all of the gear is making it directly into the muscle? I’ve seen a couple studies about subq injections working very well for testosterone (enanthate in particular) at .5ml or less injections, but I’m not sure if this carries over to other anabolics (right now i’m particularly interested in trenbelone, tren enanthate to be exact).


I dont inject my glutes anymore. too annoying. ventroglute and delts.

4 sites is enough for me with EOD injections under 1ml. It’s actually more than that sometimes as some cycles are 2x/wk enanthate injections + EOD diprop injections.


I have heard of HRT Docs prescribing sub-q injections for tes, but they usually recommend the stomach as with HGH. And its also usually much less volume. Every vial Ive ever gotten clearly says that its for intramuscular use only. And My Doc says to bury it as deep in my glute as I can get it. I dont mind the large gauge either. Makes loading much easier. I sometimes use 21’s. As for losing oil with the larger barrels and needles, here’s what I do… Load a 3 ml x 22GA with my oil, then after the injection I re cap the needle and store it as is til the next injection day. The oil thats in the barrel is still sterile because bacteria cannot travel up and thru the oil that is still in the needle… So now replace the old needle with a fresh one and the only void you have is that miniscule amount the needle holds. Virtually no waste. The oil in the tip of the barrel is not sacrificed. Just as fresh as the oil thats still in the vial.
The lump in my glute is continuing to decrease in size too… Much better day today.


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[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
I dont inject my glutes anymore. too annoying. ventroglute and delts.

4 sites is enough for me with EOD injections under 1ml. It’s actually more than that sometimes as some cycles are 2x/wk enanthate injections + EOD diprop injections. [/quote]

I’m leaning towards skipping out on them too, the ventro is a much more accessible location. I did stop delts, however, as they started to bleed/leak the worst of all sites, but maybe i’ll test it out with a 29g and see what happens.


^ think I’ll give it a go swell. I recently started shooting v flutes and man what a difference as far angle of injection. Much easier but I was a little Leary at first, thought I was going to hit bone or something because all the research I looked up on location was hard ( for me anyway) to translate over to my own body. Pretty sure I got it now though.


I shoot 2mL into my quads


In response to Bushidobadboy, This is my first run with the stealth packets. They are quite clever for shipping purposes and much cheaper. But Im sure you are right in your belief that they arent as sterile as pharm brands. Im still new at the mehod of going away from my Doc for my juice. I pinned myself for the very first time in 1987, so Im no stranger to the world… But I dont know who or what to trust… Thanks for the informative feedback.