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Injection Injury



Im looking for an answer that fits the bill to my problem, hopefully without seeing a doctor. So far nothing I google search seems to fit my problem. Im not new to T Nation or to AAS, but it has been a long time since i have asked for help.

Ok, so im 8 weeks into my cycle: sust 350 and deca 300. taking 1ml of each, all in one 2ml pin. Pin myself in my quads, like always, alternating quads each week. never had any problems with it (or with this gear) until last week. Pinned myself in my left quad and 2 days later it felt like a permanent charlie horse. Im currently at 11 days since the injection and it still feels like a charlie horse, not healing. Ive tried massaging it away and the pain is very intense, ive tried the foam roller and the pain is too much to bear. I dont know what Ive done to it but im tired of limping around all day every day. Ive pinned in my glute since then and the glute is fine

Some info that may help with a diagnosis:

  1. I pin on leg day, after my workout (after a shower of course). not my first option, just happened to be the day the gear came in.
  2. A few weeks ago i was sprinting up a sand mountain with my dogs and it really tore the left quad up. it was two days after i pinned in the left quad.
  3. The day of the injection I squat light weight till failure (around 30 reps) for 4 sets. So maybe i irritated scare tissue from those sprints.

Any info and/or opinions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


I had a similar response to a TRT injection, told the PA about it and she started using an 1 1/4" needle instead of a 1" needle and that solved the problem. I’m not sure this is related to your issue, and quads are pretty lean, but if you’re using a short needle it might be. It felt like a knot and it happened two weeks in a row.

Good luck.


Does your test bottle list ethyl oleate as an ingredient?


Thanks for the responses,

No it doesn’t list any ingredients, unfortunately.
I am using 1" needles so I’ll just stick with the glutes and never touch quads again.


For what it’s worth, I’ve done quads with slins w/o problem. I suspect it was a one time thing, wouldn’t give up on quads yet.