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Injection ....Infection


Hey Guys,

So I just started my first test e cycle.
Doing it twice weekly so 500 weekly...
I have been alternating inject sites, between outer quads.
On my third injection [two before that went fine, sore virgin muscles but nothing out of the ordinary ( it was on a monday)]second on my right quad. Went normal but had abnormal swelling and pain 20 min later.
Shrugged it off and went to the gym where I foam rolled it out, messaged it ect.
Tuesday comes alone leg is really swollen, red and hot around injection site.
Wednesday comes along reddness has spread about a 6 inch radios around injection site
Fml- went to the doctor... unfortunately (stubbornly) lied and told him i was running and got a puncture wound around an inch an a half deep from a thorn, and pulled it out and there were no pieces left .... He looked at it and said yep its infected,
antibiotic 4 times daily for 7 days.
It is now thursday night i missed todays inject ... should i keep going with them.. should i call it quits?
(reddness is still not going down, i know your not drs but any idea on when it should go down?... and when i should go back to emerg?)

Thaank you guys much appreciated!


If you keep going, you are going to need to add other injection sites until that leg is healed. And I wouldnt inject that leg for 2-4 weeks.

Add Glutes and Delts, your prolly pinning 1CC or real close too it. Those sites will hold 1cc fine.


I would say stop your cycle wait until you are off antibiotics and then run mini PCT say 2 weeks, when you are recovered completely and if you want to try again then start from scratch. Everyone agree with this?

Also just for our info what procedure did you follow for injection as hopefully some of us can learn from your mistake and not have to go through it ourselves.