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Injection In My Glute...


Has anyone ever got a shot with their leg up and did not even feel a pinch or soreness afterwards? My last 2 have been very sore one right one left and now on my right again but i didnt feel anything but the cold point of the pin...


Sometimes you feel a little pinch sometimes you don't feel anything. Sometimes it gets a little sore, sometimes it gets a bit more sore. Sometimes you get a knot, sometimes you don't.
It don't matter it's all normal and gets the job done.
Basic rules: Use only top quality gear preferably for human use and new syringes and needles... and don't worry about anything until you get a lump that is growing bigger.


As long as you keep using new pins and sterile compounds you shouldn't be worried. Sometimes my quad injections are painless, others sting more than a little.

Everytime is a little different but it gets easier everytime. Its a shot so expect it to be a little sore afterwards for a couple of days. It also matters how much oil you shoot. The most I ever shot in my quad was 2.5 cc at once. Now if you hit a nerve, that shit hurts bad.

Only time I ever hit one was doing a quad injection. The pain stopped me in my tracks.


I take all that back today its bad I did 2cc and I feel it all today Im walking with a limp and it hurts when I sit down... But in the end it better be worth it


Like these guys said. Sometimes it hurts...sometimes it doesn't. Always use new pins and quality gear. It's all normal bro...


I found there is great variation in the needles. Some are very sharp and a painless, others feel like I am getting stabbed. My girlfriend injects me and she can tell the difference as she sticks me.

(No matter what the needle, Winstol always hurts. ha)


I shot test in my shoulders like an idiot and couldnt raise my arms for three days, but it goes away as long as that bubble reduces. Massage. 23 gauge and 1 1/2 inch needle is best used in glutes.