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Injection Hygiene/Insulin Needles Question


I have been experimenting with very small close doses and have seen an immediate improvement.

Unfortunately in my country and with my access the reliable testosterone Cyp or Enathate comes in single 1ml Ampoules.

Is it safe to use an 0.5ml insulin syringe with and included fixed needle to draw up as much as possible into multiple syringes and store them over the week for injection. I am thinking not more than a week.

And if I were to manage to get hold of sealed 10ml vials with rubber septum tops, is it OK to use the needle to draw up and then to inject as they are fixed to the syringe. I was told this would blunt them and make them unusable but I am thinking the insulin needles are so fine it doesn't matter.

Thanks for any replies.


I've heard many people on here are doing that. However, insulin is water based not oil based. The rubber plunger may not be compatible with oil. I put test into a syringe to store it for a couple weeks and the rubber swelled up and deformed in the bore. I also had problems with BD insulin syringes using test Cyp. No trouble with hCG(water based) but the oil caused the plunger to stick in the bore making it difficult to depress at times. I wouldn't. If I had many ampoules, I'd inject them into a multi-use 10mL vial with the rubber stopper.

Some guys backload syringes for some reason. I'd like to watch their aseptic technique as it sounds riskier than most activities. Using the needle to withdraw from a vial isn't the most ideal but it works fine. Just don't go in multiple times.


Good point .. I have backloaded 1ml and 2ml syringes with no issues in the past ..
I'm hoping as the KSman advocates the use of these syringes he might have an idea if its OK to leave the liquid in the syringes ..


I have loaded 1/2ml [100mg] into #29 1/2" 0.5ml insulin syringes and used for multiple injections. After an injection, if not depleted, wipe the needle with an alcohol swap and recap for the next injection. Have done this for years. Never had the plunger rubber swell and get tight. That will vary by the manufacturer.


Well .. I do a test with the ones I have .. They are Terumo Made in USA so they may be the same as you .. and they are marked "Do Not Use With Paraldehyde" .. whatever that is ..

I'd draw up half mm and leave it for a week and see what happens


I have never had an issue with needle dulling. I don't understand all of the fuss about that. But if its on the Internet, it will be read, good or bad. A lot of the things that one can read on body building forums is bogus or inappropriate.