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Injection Help, Going to 29ga

Will try this evening but being curious if I black load TEST CYP into the 29ga needles I have which are I believe 1/2”

Where should I inject the testosterone? In my belly area like my HCG?

Or in my delt because that MIGHT be enough needle time reach muscle area there, not sure.

Don’t mind going into the muscle with the 29ga at all just thst 23g is getting old…

Depends, SQ and IM are different, you can inject T in the shoulders and quads and this would be IM, the SQ method in the love handles where diabetics inject insulin.

I inject daily in belly fat with a 30g, with needle attached. Less dead space, close to painless. I alternate sides and go at about a 45 degree angle while pinching the skin/fat a little. The pinch plus a quick stab cut the pain part down substantially. Some guys say it takes too long to draw, but I don’t mind it. Under 20 seconds every time.

Are you talking about injecting test? or hcg? I inject hcg in the belly myself I am just trying to be sure where to inject test with a 29ga?

literally sub q also like belly etc is ok? will it be obsorbed just the same as IM? I am just tired of the 23g into my leg it is painless at times and hurts like hell sometimes. Looking for a better way that I less dread.


Yes you can inject the test sub q in the belly fat like HCG. Some combine test and hcg in same syringe and inject all at once.

When I did sub-q I thought it wasn’t working after 6 months because I didn’t feel a whole lot. I got blood tested and my total T was 2000 so it was working I just didn’t feel much. Switched to IM in the delts using the same syringes as you and it’s been a lot better. I feel better on it.