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Injection Help, Going to 29ga

Will try this evening but being curious if I black load TEST CYP into the 29ga needles I have which are I believe 1/2”

Where should I inject the testosterone? In my belly area like my HCG?

Or in my delt because that MIGHT be enough needle time reach muscle area there, not sure.

Don’t mind going into the muscle with the 29ga at all just thst 23g is getting old…

Depends, SQ and IM are different, you can inject T in the shoulders and quads and this would be IM, the SQ method in the love handles where diabetics inject insulin.

I inject daily in belly fat with a 30g, with needle attached. Less dead space, close to painless. I alternate sides and go at about a 45 degree angle while pinching the skin/fat a little. The pinch plus a quick stab cut the pain part down substantially. Some guys say it takes too long to draw, but I don’t mind it. Under 20 seconds every time.

Are you talking about injecting test? or hcg? I inject hcg in the belly myself I am just trying to be sure where to inject test with a 29ga?

literally sub q also like belly etc is ok? will it be obsorbed just the same as IM? I am just tired of the 23g into my leg it is painless at times and hurts like hell sometimes. Looking for a better way that I less dread.


Yes you can inject the test sub q in the belly fat like HCG. Some combine test and hcg in same syringe and inject all at once.

When I did sub-q I thought it wasn’t working after 6 months because I didn’t feel a whole lot. I got blood tested and my total T was 2000 so it was working I just didn’t feel much. Switched to IM in the delts using the same syringes as you and it’s been a lot better. I feel better on it.

My email is in my bio. Email me so I can send you that literature.

What’s your bf%. I use 1/2” on delts and quads IM at 10%bf. should be plenty of needle at those locations assuming you aren’t obese.

What type of syringe and gauge, length?

That’s what I’ve been using. I just load them up…no backfilling. Takes maybe 3 minutes or so but I’m only loading .5ml each time.

Just ordered 27g needles. I think itll be sharper and less scarring. Sometimes the 25g wont pierce through quick enough. Thats my only gripe. Not sure how much better the 27g will be. 30g sounds like it would be super painless.

Today I went out and bought a 27 gauge 5/8 needle insulin syringe. When I went to use it it took so long for the syringe to fill that I finally got frustrated And gave up and switched back to a 25 inch one and a quarter inch syringe. Maybe next time I’ll try backfilling.

The syringes I originally purchased are 25g so the new luer lock needles are 27g. Will use the 25g to draw and 27g to inject. Thanks for the heads up! Im thinking next round of syringes will have to be insulin type. I always feel like Im losing some T in the locking portion of the syringe since once Im done, I can squeeze a couple of droplets out of the needle on to my finger tip.

I’ve been injecting test for almost 7 years, exclusively IM. I’ve tried thighs, glutes, and delts.

By far, the best location for me, is Ventrogluteal.

You can do either, but intramuscular is faster to get absorbed. Generally doctors recommend intramuscular.

Subcutaneous is slower to absorb, but less pain so can be microdosed effectively. Less risk of hitting an artery, no need to aspirate.

Straight into the ballsack, this mimicks natural T release

Warm the bottle in your hand or run warm water over the bottom. It’ll draw super fast. I use 28g and it takes seconds.

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Alright. Next shot Wed Am. I’ll give it a shot.

I just switched to daily shots. I do them in my leg or delt. I ordered 27g 1/2" syringes but I’m using 31G 1/2’ insulin syringes(I already had these for HCG) until the 27g come in. Surprisingly, the 31g works just fine. It takes about a minute to fill up the little amount of T I do per day. I prefill 7 shots and it takes less than a minute per day to inject when I get up in the morning.

The biggest different will probably be that the 27g syringes fill faster. It’s such a small needle either way that I don’t think it matters.