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Injection Frequency


Spartans for a cycle of test E and deca would E4D injections suffice? I've heard both e3d and e4d thank you gentlemen.


The closer the better. I would stick with E3D.


E3D is better for the enth ester. You could shoot enth E3D and deca E6D, I believe.


You could but why do one big shot and one little one? I tend to believe that the larger dosed pins will only increase potential for discomfort.

Lookin good Cortes...show this weekend or last?


It's best to shoot often. I would shoot every other day, personally.


I personally inject my deca and t-cyp EOD. Although I use a lot of syringes, it keeps the spikes and sides to a minimum.


thanks guys i switched to E3D and my t-levels/bodybalance does feel more stable by the 4th day on e4d i was feeling like levels were droping and i needed my fix lol but e3d feels better.