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Injection Frequency is So Critical (Results)


We have all heard it a million times or more. However, I am writing to highlight just how important it is and have results to back it up.

Like many I started trt at one of the test clinics. No need to name them but they are the typical place where they want you to come in once a week, pay your co-pay. To be fair they were the first place to acknowledge my low T. But this is where the red flag should have went up. The labs only showed my total T. It was 325 which they joked would be great if I was 80. I began treatment. 200mg once a week. The next day I felt like superman. Few visits go by once a week. First post labs show total at 1100. Wow, this is amazing. E levels are at 50 something and I get an anti E. Life still good. Over the following months I have dips and the labs support this. HCG starts, dosage change up and down. FF 2 years and I feel like the TRT is making me tired and the boost is gone. Numbers coming back in the low 500’s more often and they go up to 220 per visit and my insurance changes to the point where it is going to cost $40+ per copay. A change must happen.

Finally I decide there must be a better way. I search for some place that will let me self inject. Consider endo’s, Uro’s etc. Doing research on each points to a no-go if you are within (range). I finally find an MD who practices optimal health.

He is almost in shock when I tell him of my injection frequency and even more shocked when he looks at my last labs and sees so many items missing. Primarily the Free Test. He pulls new labs on me. Next visit we go over them. Free test of 49! and total 299! He explains how important free test is and how it is negligent to administer trt without these numbers. Also explains how at the once a week dose I was getting he is not surprised that I feel like crap. Even says that I would be better off without trt compared to these up and downs knocking me down so hard.

We come up with a plan do dial back my dose and increase injects to 3 times a week at home. Will admit that I was concerned about the decreased dose. More is better, right? LOL. But was concerned that working with less would not work.
I follow his orders. .25 Monday, weds, and fri. for 1 month.
The first week I feel noticeably better. More energy, sleeping like the dead at night. Better workouts. Wow there is something to this…Week 2 and 3 even better.
After week 4 is labs. I could not wait to get my results. They finally arrive total test 1180, Free test 250 and Estro at 30 without any anti esto being taken.
Wow! My numbers are perfect although a bit on the high end.

So…why did I write this long post? Just in case someone was in the same situation I was where you are on trt and it seems to not be helping leaving you disappointed. The test offices that just want your copay and don’t let you self inject multiple times per week are really only interested in having you come in once a week. Not really interested in your best interest. You are literally paying to feel worst. Optimal results cannot be had with once a week injections. We have always heard it here and it is sooo true. You can actually get better results with less and not have to deal with all the sides that getting hit with once big dose brings about. Just my 2 cents and hope it helps someone.

Test Cyp Once/Wk or Twice/Wk?

What did you decide on with HCG… did you get rid of it???
How’s libido/sexual function on new regimen?


That was another issue with the old place. Originally they would send me home with the HCG then they started saying that insurance was giving them a hard time so they just “added” it to the test shot. This put up a red flag for me. Oil based with water based is a no-no. And secondly hcg should be taken several times a week not once in the office.

As for libido, it is great. Oddly enough even with low T before treatment I never had that side. My low T sides were always low energy, motivation and much in results from the gym. Lucky in a way I guess.


Ok got it!
Yeah you probably didn’t do hcg then…
Ok so I’m going to try your regimen for TRT…
Been thinking about trying to restart testes and go natural again OR follow a strict TRT regimen… at 46, I’m thinking a GOOD and PROPER regimen may be the way to go! I have two kids already so no need to worry about spermatogenesis anymore…
recently started my “restart” program but may scrap it and go your route!
Thanks again for posting your story… it’s inspired me!


You are welcome. The reason I posted this is because I was hoping to help because I know I was just going through the motion and beginning to wonder if it was helping.

It was real hcg as I did see them pull it from the fridge but the way is was given was useless.
Good luck, fyi I am going to be 44 soon so I think you should be all good.


Great job for finding the new doc - he sounds excellent!

What is the reference range for free t? Labcorp tops out at 21.5


0.35 to 155.0 pg/mL
Looks like a different scale.


Quick question…
.25ml of 200mg/ml test cyp?
Thus making it 50mg m-w-f?
Is this correct?


How long after injection did you draw for labs?


That is a great story. Try to always do labs halfway between injections to avoid lab timing artifacts creating changed results.

Are you going to try getting near E2=22pg/ml?

You saw my stickies in your prior thread. I have since added this to the boiler plate:

Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.