Injection Frequency and Dosage Confusion

I often read something like this:
On TRT 100 mg a week e3d 50 mg.
But doesn’t this equals to 150 mg actually?
50 × every 3 days is 150. Or am I missing something?

If you are going to take 100 mg a week and wish to split it up, simply take 50 twice a week.

50 every third day would be 100 every six days, not 100 per week.

Splitting it up is unnecessary anyway.

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But 100:3 would be 33.
So 33 mg every 3 days would equal 100 mg.
Or am I just dumb right now?

No, it’s about 117mg, cos every 3 days means that every third week you’ve got an extra shot, while the other 2 weeks you have two shots.

Aaah ok. Thnx guys

Wrong… you need an implantable device that slowly ciphers through testosterone enanthate at a rate of .595 mg per hour otherwise you’ll NEVER feel optimised!


“E3D” means a dosage every 3.5 days. In other words, people mean 2 times a week.

So, for example, 50mg Monday morning… then 3.5 days later, 50mg Thursday afternoon. So you’re taking a total of 100mg for that said week.

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The good thing about TRT, is it helps with brain fog, and that helps with basic math.


Idk man. I’m currently doing E3D and I mean exactly what I said. Every 3 days I pin. I’ve also done E3.5D and that was pinning twice a week.

When I say E3D i don’t mean e3.5d


Well i’m just saying usually it means twice a week. Monday morn and thursday afternoon.

For sure lots of Mondays and Thursday’s

That’s literally E3.5, unless you inject Monday morning at 11:59am, and Thursday afternoon at 12:01pm. Then it’s E3D🤪

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