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Injection Frequency - An N=1 Case Study

Yes I know I fucked with my prescribed TRT protocol. I also know you should discuss changes in medication with your doctor BEFORE doing them, but I didn’t want to wait another 6 months between bloods.

So my prescribed TRT protocol is 80mg Test-C Sunday morning and 80mg Wednesday evening, with 0.25mg adex taken with each pin. hCG is 500 IU 2x a week. After doing a bunch of reading and plotting on steroidplotter, I decided to do 40mg on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Not quite evenly spaced, but close enough. I also dropped the adex completely. Bloods are below, both were drawn 1st thing in the morning on a Wednesday.

Old Protocol
Total T - 933 ng/dL, Range 264-916
Free T - 27.8 pg/mL, Range 6.8-21.5
E2, sensitive - 25.8 pg/mL, Range 8-35

New Protocol
Total T - 1357 ng/dL, Range 264-916
Free T - 35.1 pg/mL, Range 6.8-21.5
E2, sensitive - 37.9 pg/mL, Range 8-35

So for me at least, upping the frequency to 4x a week and keeping the overall dosage constant had a marked effect on Total and Free T, with an understandable increase in E2 since I dropped the adex. Had I kept adex the same, I think I might have crashed or at least severely lowered E2. My plan now is to meet with my doctor next week and discuss lowering my T dosage and eliminating completely the adex. Just food for thought/discussion for those wondering about injection frequency.

I have similar labs bearing this out. Upping the frequency without lowering the dose usually results in higher levels at trough. I’ve found that 24mg daily, 50mg EOD or 100mg e3.5d all have about the same trough level (~1100ng TT).

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