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Injection Frequency - 2x Week vs EOD


Obviously it varies, but is there potential for improvement going to an EOD system?

I find the day AFTER I inject I feel much better than the day I inject, and am trying to piece together why, and whether going to EOD would be worth the added work each week. Try it to find out obviously, but thought I'd ask the question.


Read the KSman sticky "Protocol to Injections" Really good stuff!


Try it and be your own expert about how you feel. I don't think that it makes a big difference VS twice per week from a T point of view. But it is hard to state more not knowing your AI and hCG protocols. The half life of those items really drive the need for an EOD protocol.

But you never post in your original thread and we thus know nothing about you in this new thread.

T levels peak the next day, E2 peak follows. The fact that you feel changes with twice per week does indicate that your T levels are swinging significantly.


I'll be updating/revising my original thread with a fresh set of updated labs in the coming weeks after I see a new anti aging doc in the toronto area. My apologies for being scattered.

To answer your immediate question, current protocol is:

Sunday: 300iu hCG
Tuesday: 300iu hCG/0.25mg anastrozole/50mg test enanthate
Friday: 300iu hCG/0.25mg anastrozole/50mg test enanthate

Chief concerns are energy levels, focus, concentration, motivation - frankly i think it's severe fatigue as the chief issue and the others are offshoots of that main problem.

New doc will be looking at thryoid, adrenal function, insulin sensitivity, etc so hope to have a clearer picture then.


Thyroid and adrenals will be interesting. If you can get on EOD before those labs, they will more representative.

Elevated E2 can drive or worsen some of those symptoms.


I was on biweekly - felt like crap - major hormone swings
then changed to weekly - some good days, but still mostly felt like crap.
then changed to E3D - more good days, but still had issues and side effects from going too high.
then changed to EOD - feeling really good. no mood swings, swelling, etc.


From what I recall you no longer use any anastrozole, correct? If you do, how do you manage such small doses?


I manage great. I have levels of 700-800 taking 20-30mg EOD + 200-300iu HCG EOD.

Before I was fluctuating wildly and unable to control all of the side effects of the hormone rollercoaster.

I was on 2mg of Arimidex DAILY and one point, but was able to reduce Arimidex down to .25mg EOD once I stopped taking DHEA and I reduced my T-Cyp shots down from the insane amount of 100mg E3D.

Once I went to the EOD day schedule, I stopped it completely. I happen to be one of those people who clears things out of their system very quickly - so before I would spike and then crash. Now it is mostly smooth sailing.

My theory is that people only need Arimidex if they are pushing their level of T above their personal genetic optimal point which they do to try and make up for some other deficiency (like low cortisol, poor thyroid function, low Vitamin D levels, etc.) but excess T ultimately can't fix those other issues on its own (and excessive T just causing a host of problems on its own - like excess aromatase, excess DHT, etc.) which people try and compensate for by taking Arimidex which has its own issues and limitations (not working to stop testicular aromatase, but possibly lowering brain levels of estrogen too far).


Pure chance,

Are you still on an eod protocol?

My e2 is either too high or too low on 100mg twice a week and adex.

Trough was TT 670 e2 17


I dose once a week and feel just dandy. I inject HCG at the end of the week, days 5 and 7. I think everybody is different so all you can do is try and see what works for you.


AI cause me a lot of problems. I don't like AI. How can we avoid it?


There are alternates like DIM and progesterone. But if you are a big converter it's not avoidable.


I inject every 4 days and do not feel ups and downs, only ups. And I hate injections so for me I would never want to do every day.