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Injection Depth


I am unsure as to how deep I should penetrate with my needle into the gluteal region. I have a 23g 1.5" needle. From what i've read it sounds like I should be going in about an inch. Any advice on this aspect?


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what about the thighs 0.5 inch?


Here are my general guidelines:

Glutes: 1.5"
Quads: 1"
Calves: 3/4"
Triceps: 1", Medial Head: 3/4"
Delts: 1"
Biceps: 3/4"
Pecs: 1"
Traps: 1"
Lats: 1.25"

spotinjections.com is useful also.


DRG is right on.

Pretty much where ever you go, just shoot deep into the muscle tissue and you will be fine. Just dont be retarded and go too far. Like DRG said... www.spotinjections.com