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Injection Depth with 1/2" Needle

I’ve read on various posts that using a 1/2” needle for ventroglute injections is subq. Doesn’t it depend on how deep your skin/fat layer is in that area? As of 1/6/20, I’ve been self administering my TRT injections and my first shot was in my lateral delt using a 29g 1/2” insulin needle. I didn’t feel the needle, but a few minutes later it felt like a hard punch to the shoulder. The pain didn’t incapacitate me, but it was pretty substantial for about 3 days. So the subsequent 3 shots have been ventroglute with the same size needle. Relatively painless, but I don’t know if it would be considered subq or shallow IM. I’m 5’10” 155-160 lbs. approx. 15% BF. Obviously I haven’t measured the exact depth of my subq layer in that area, but I’m relatively lean back there. Any input would be appreciated.

You’re fine with that length. No worries.

Thanks for the reply, Danny. Do you mean I’m fine with shallow IM or subq? I know some guys do well with subq and some don’t. Maybe I’m just over analyzing and shouldn’t. I know in one of your videos, your advice was to not over complicate this.

Just go normal depth i.m with a 1 inch minimum needle. Not shallow i.m or subq.

My only issue with those types of needles is wasted T at the top. I’ve tried searching for 1” long insulin needles but I don’t believe they are made that long.

I cant find them either. What i do is use the luer slip syringe and push the needle as hard down onto the syringe as possible. 23-25g.

@thinbluelinetx I know plenty of guys doing shallow IM. I have more bodyfat than you do and was doing ventrogluteal with 1/2" 27 gauge needles with no issue at all. Frankly, you can use those same needs for SubQ injections in the belly fat or IM injections in leaner areas (my delts, for example).

In regards to not having waste, here is my very first video I ever made where I discuss, at one point in the video, how to inject with zero waste using the air lock technique. I’ve been doing that for years now and it works great!

Here is that part of the video queued up to the relevant part:

Thanks again, Danny. I appreciate your input.

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Do you end up injecting air a the end? Or do you go slow and try to stop it before the air gets there?

I push the plunger all the way down so I do wind up injecting a tiny bit of air. It is a non-issue.

This exactly how I do it. Never have any issues.

Air lock method is inconsistent. I wouldnt do it. There is a better way.

Zero waste is inconsistent? How do you achieve better than zero waste? An air bubble pushes all of it through the syringe. All of it! How do you achieve a number less than zero?


IT’s inconsistent AIR, OK DANNY?

(Also, troll)

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True… Pollution levels will affect it… CO2… Airborn viruses… Pixie dust… Etc

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