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Injection Depth - Needle Size, Injection Sites

Hey guys,

So I’m 2 weeks into my second cycle (Test and EQ), I just did my second and last shot for the week today. I had a question concerning injection depth:
So far I have been alternating between both ventrogluteal sites (which I never did before) and it has been great, super easy to reach, no trouble whatsoever. However I’ve been having a concern that maybe I’m not injecting deep enough. I’m currently using 25G 1" needles and I’m probably around 14-15% bodyfat at the moment (can still see abs a bit and oblique lines). I carry most of my fat around my stomach and lower back and my VG site is significantly leaner than the rest of my body.
I haven’t had any significant PIP or swelling, the site feels a bit sore the next day at most, kind of like a sore muscle.

My question is: should I maybe bump up the needle length to 1.5"?

Needle length is probably fine, IM or subq doesn’t really make a difference IMO. Might depend on the quantity you’re injecting - if it’s a lot, IM would avoid a bolus you may get with subq.

Pretty much personal preference.

I’m probably close to your body fat percentage and use a 25G 1” in my glutes with no issues.