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Injection Concern


I had my second shot today, and that was no problem. Drew with 18G, stuck with 23G. Here is the worry. After finishing the injection, I looked at the vial and there was a very tiny piece of rubber from the stopper floating in the oil. I had sterilized the top of the vial before using it, so having it contaminate the oil isn't a problem, but I sure as hell didn't want to suck that thing up and shoot it inside my muscle.

Luckily (I think) it was at the perfect spot, so I attached a new 23G needle to the syringe, inserted and pulled the little guy out. It's not there anymore, and I am absolutely positive it was not in there until I shot today. I'm also positive it's out now.

So, should I worry about this, or am I good to use the rest of the vial? I have only drawn twice so I really don't want to throw it away if I don't have to. But I don't want an infection even worse.



You're fine. But honestly, I would recommend drawing with the same syringe you inject. Hell, I brew my stuff thin enough that I can draw up just fine with as small as a 25g needle.

It's that huge sink pipe you're using that's going to punch holes in the rubber top like so many holes in Swiss cheese.

Sure, it'll take a little bit more time but I honestly think it's a better idea than using such huge needles to draw up.


That makes me feel better. Thanks, Contrl. I am going to try what you suggest next injection, Sunday.


i had the same problem, so i took a needle and drawed out the rubber piece. i was 100% sure i got it, then i ejected the little amount i sucked up including the peice of rubber... the rubber never showed up.

i know i didnt inject it and its big enough to see (assuming im looking for it) if its still in the vial.

i hope it got stuck in the needle just so i dont have to worry thinking that i already got it out and suprise suprise it shows up in my bum...


dude, why are you using a pink to draw up?

I do prefer to use a seperate needles to draw up, but a pink is a bit big for a rubber top i think


I now agree. What are they good for, then? Slaughtering horses?


It's probably stuck in the needle. Same situation with me. But I watched the piece go into the needle and I could see it floating in the oil and it isn't there anymore. It was a really tiny piece, like a mote of dust, but it was black and visible against the oil.


I honestly don't think that a tiny piece of rubber would cause an infection if injected anyway. Wouldn't the surrounding tissue just form scar tissue around it? Obviously if there were bacteria present that would create a whole new set of problems. That aside tho, look at all the medical procedures that implant devices. Not to mention the crazy world of piercing and body modification these days.

When you inject, wouldn't a tiny skin plug be pushed up into the hollow needle (the same as the rubber stopper did) then expelled when you press the plunger? Thats never caused an infection as long as you wipe with alcohol prior to injecting.

This is just my personal opinion, if I saw the piece of rubber yes I would still try to remove it. But if a piece inadvertently got injected I really don't see how it would cause any damage. We probably all have done it and not even known it. If you don't see it and you don't get an infection how would you even be aware??


Just having the peice of rubber in the vial should not contaminate the vial. However if that by chance got injected somehow you could get a descent infection. Any foreign object injected has a good chance of being attacked by your own immune system. In the past I have tossed ampules that didn't have clean breaks, (they crushed instead of snapping off) in case there were tiny glass fragments I couldn't see.


I use them to draw up oil based gear, but from amps no prizes for guessing which gear that is Bushy :stuck_out_tongue: