Injection/Bleeding Question

I injected 2ml of cyp into my left ass cheek and it immediately started to bleed. Did I lost that dose of test? I couldnt tell if it was blood mixed with test or just blood. I was using 1 1/2 inch 20g needle

Why such a big needle? Thats huge! Save those for drawing and get 23 or 25 for pinning.

Maybe you nicked a blood vessel on the way out. No way of telling for sure. Use the z-tracking method next time, and you can be pretty sure you won’t lose any gear.

would the blood push the test out or no?

If 2ml of test came squirting out of you ass cheek you’d probably know it. Losses were most likely negligable.

Take Diablo’s advice and stop using those stupidly huge needles.

Ya I’d say you didn’t lose much, if any… the only thing really to do is stick to your normal injection timing… don’t think you need to inject more next time to make up for it. Keep it simple and look into Z-tracking… you won’t regret it.

your injection needle is far too large my friend. a 23g would suit you much better. turemo or bd makes a good one. chances are good that you clipped a vein and that is what caused the bleeding, but gear is not goign to be forced out to the point where it effects your dosages… chances are good that your cyp remained deep in the muscle.

wow thats a huge needle props on taking the pain…damn…23gage is good and even 25 gage it is virtually painless…

20g is a fucking harpoon…

Use it to draw with and shoot with 25g or something like that. Otherwise get ready to have a sore ass for a very long time.

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Im the retard for using a 20g needle…

haha most def…jk,but really try 25 gage youll love it wont feel a thing