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Injection Advice


Does anyoe have any extra advice for my first attempt at injection. Tricks or advice to try.


Welcome to the club! Nearly...

Firstly check out spotinjections.com .

There's not really much I can ad to what's on that website, other than to pay a LOT of attention to cleanliness and safety.

Most of my shots I barely feel go in, some sting just a little, and the odd one canes like a bitch... but ultimately I just tell myself before each shot that it won't kill me - and it really won't! Make sure to slide it in reasonably quickly too, less pain.

Inject slowly at first, you'll soon get a feel for how quickly your muscle likes the injection.

Good luck!




Things that I've noticed. You can put the dart to your skin and it might hurt like hell, move it a half inch in any direction and it's likely to be almost pain free.
Personally I push the pin in really slow (call me a wimp). I warm the gear up in a heating pad first. It should take you somewhere around 30-45 seconds per cc that you are injecting.

Good luck.







http://www.breastcancerprofessional.com/contents/public/onc/nursing.pdf (yes, it's a breast cancer site, but it gives pretty good details as to proper IM injections)

cover most of the stuff you'll need to know. I've also heard that keeping the needles in the freezer makes it hurt less, but I could be wrong (anyone else know?).


Frozen Syringes are an old Dr. trick before the addition of Ethyl-Chloride. Works like a charm, even the 2 1/2 " horse killer slides in without much discomfort.


My first injection went to my quad. bad idea, hit a nerve but wasn't sure, thought it was just a nervous reflex,lol. I knew it was a nerve for the next few days.
Stick it in your ass or even the lat, which is a favorite of mine. Heat up the syringe but make sure you don't cook off the plastic. Go nice and slow, take it easy, relish in it,lol


You could geta bottle of Gabauers Ethyl Chloride. It's a cold skin anesthetic used for injections. You spray it on the area to inject for a few seconds, stick in the pin, stop spraying and inject the drug. makes the shots painless, and minimizes any swelling that can occur.


Since May of this year, I have given myself over 150 IM injections. I agree with almost everything that fatsensei said. Heating the oil up before you inject is probably the best thing you can do. It makes the oil move faster with less effort, and it just seems to inject faster.

Where I differ from fatsensei is that I am impatient. I will inject 1.5cc's in about 15 seconds.

The best advice I can give you is to juat step up and do it. After the first time - it gets way, way easier.

As for spraying all that shit on you before you inject - I think it's a waste of time and money.

Just remember to clean the area with an alcohol swab, aspirate the syringe, and throw the needle away after the injection. NEVER NEVER NEVER reuse needles.

Good luck.


Please make me understand, why all this talk about this pain? Yes, there is a sting at first, but in this post and others, guys try to make it sound as if your getting a arm cut off. Suck it up and adapt.



JW,I second that motion. Unless of course you hit a nerve. Ouch!


I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to add one thing to help the newbies out that might consider injections:

Getting your eyebrows tweezed hurts 10 times more than a 22g going in your butt. I felt no pain at all with the 1 1/2" needle going in. Its just the soreness afterwards that hurts a little bit. We'll see how bad it is in the morning, though :slightly_smiling: