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Injecting with 1/2in Insulin Needles

Ive recently tried switcting from regular 25 gauge 1 inch needles to insulin ones and was wondering if its safe to use them for my quad injections as my legs are super lean and I cant really pinch any fat on them to inject subq if I went in straight down and injected that way would it still be safe/get the job done?

I’ve done it for quite some time. It’s fine for me at lower volumes but if I’m injecting 1cc I just stick to 25 gauge 1 inch

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I normally do 1cc in glute rn with same insulin needle and havent had a problem yet do you think quads would work as well or switch back to regular IM injection needle?

@Bill_Roberts any input on this I know your’re a fan of 1/2 in needles?

I use 1/2" on my quads all the time. That’s my preference. 1/2" 27 gauge outer quad.


I concur with allday 27ga 1/2"
anywhere just works. Anyone going bigger or longer just likes pain.

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Thanks guys I definitely prefer sticking a 1/2 inch needle over a 1 inch needle in my quads considering I have pretty much no fat there anyways I’m pretty lean :joy: You think injecting 1ml at a time this way is fine?

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Just watch really close for leakage after you pull the pin out. I have seen leakage when using higher volumes like 1ml. I’m currently on blast and injecting 2 ml per week so I’m using only 25 gauge 1/2". If you dont have leakage then keep on trucking haus

I like insulin pins in my delts. You can absolutely use them in your quads though.

Looking good, man. Thanks for the shot of your bulge, that’s definitely what I wanted to look at this early in the morning. :joy:

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Lmao was just thinking that.

On another note those are some sweet delts bro!

I am also on a blast 130mg(.65ml) M/W/F (day 44) I always load 10ml of HCG in my syringe(27ga 1/2" easytouch) first this flushes all the T out of the needle and if anything leaks out of your insertion point it will be HCG. I only subQ and alternate love handles.