Injecting Tren with Test


Right now I do this cycle
Test E 300mg 1CC E3D (900mg/week)
Tren A 100mg 0.75CC ED (625 mg/week)
Dbol 50mg/day (for 4 weeks)

I plan to run that for 12 weeks.

So I was wondering, since I inject Tren every day if I should also inject Test every day at the same time(about 0.5CC/day) ??? I was wondering also if I should increase Test to 1200mg/week, this is not my first cycle.

Thanks in advance !

1cc of test E dosed at 300mg E3D will yield about 700mg of test per week. .75cc’s of tren ace dosed at 100mg shot ED will yield about 525mg per week.

Regardless of dosing, you say you would shoot 1cc E3D of test (a little over 2cc’s per week), then ask if you should inject the test ED as well (you can, FWIW), but you say you’d use .5cc’s ED if you did that. That equates to 3.5cc’s per week.

Why do you think you should increase the test to 1200mg per week? Do you really think you need 2+g of androgens per week (given your 1200/625/350 test/tren/dbol doses.)

Which 4 weeks are you gonna run the dbol for?

High test with high tren? Have you used this combo before? Many people see a lot of tren sides come out with this high test.

No AI? No PCT?

No offense, but this cycle is all over the place.

EDIT: 5’9 277 22%bf, 2 years seriously training?

Come on, man. Even at 40, you shouldn’t have that high a BF percentage with a clean diet and even a halfway decent routine. Especially after previous cycles.

For your previous cycles, did you run a proper PCT for them? Have you had a hormone panel done recently?

Injecting test E every day is fine. Not really necessary at all, but it wont be a problem.

More drugs = more gains and more sides to control. Your choice.

Little update on my profile, I am now at 16% BF. 60" of shoulder

I miscalculated the Tren, you’re right 525mg/week.

900mg of test / week (3CC/ week) separated in 7 days would be 3 / 7 = 0.42CC/day, I rounded it to 0.5CC so 150mg / day = 1050mg/week.

I have no reason to increase it unless I can have better gain. I have used this combo in the past but that high, with good results.

Dbol is ran the first four weeks.

I don’t run PCT, I am on TRT, so cycle is over I start androgel.

I have Nolvadex, Arimimidex and Letro in hands, but don’t use it, I don’t think I have problem with this regards… should I use it anyway ?

And yes, I did have some problems with my diet… but training has been consistent for a while. I am now trained by a very good trainer, probably one of the best.