Injecting too Often?

My Dr wants me to increase my injections from 0.5 cc 3 times of week to every other day for two weeks.does any one think thats to much. the reason i am taking it is to boost my testosterone it was 220 before i started taking it and now after 2 weeks of taking it 3 times of week its 320 so i was wondering if any one thought that his new approach was to often



I dont feel that EOD would be too often to inject.

However after only two weeks its way to early to acess how well your current protocol is working. If you you are taking 1.5ml/wk even at 200mg/ml (300mg/wk) that should be plenty enough for a TRT dose to reach the normal end of high over a period of time.

Some guys on TRT inject EOD, some E3D and some 2x/wk. All protocols should work almost as well as the other if cyp is the product that is used.

IMO EOD is ideal for enanthate/cypionate.