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Injecting Tips: Mixing & Shooting

ok so i just got all my stuff and the guy advising me is gone for a few weeks. i forgot to ask him about what i can mix together, where to shoot, how to shoot, all that stuff. so any advice would be a great help.
im using test E, EQ and dbol tablets
for pct i have novedex and arimidex

im doing both test and EQ twice a week, do i mix or separate? and same day or different?

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In the process of you using the search engine you may also wish to research AIs, SERMs and PCT.

dude where to shoot and how to shoot? What the fuck? Novedex. I hope you meant nolvadex. My advice is to properly research AAS use. Its just fucking common sense. You buy injectables you fucking research where you shoot them. Some of them say for intramuscular injection right on the vial! This is the kind of shit that RJ is talking about. I’m not getting on a high horse now, for I know that he might quickly strike me down, but come on.