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Injecting through a tat

This may sound kind of dumb, but i’ve got a big tattoo on my deltoid, and i’ve been thinking about site injecting some tren there. Does anybody know if injecting through a tattoo is a good idea? I’m using really thin insulin pins. This may be a completely stupid thing to try and i probably wont do it, but has anybody out there tried it, or thought about it?


I really don’t know if it’s a good or bad idea. All I can tell you is, is that it might be difficult to penetrate the skin there due to the surface scar tissue from your tat.

On a personal note, I wouldn’t take the chance if it means I might screw up my tattoo.

Well, I know sometimes they won’t give a girl an epidural injection during pregnancy if she has a tat over her lumbar vertebrae, because the cerebrospinal fluid can get tainted with the tattoo ink, and brain + tattoo ink is probably not so good. In terms of peripheral areas on your body, the risk is definitely not as great, I’d probably avoid it if at all possible. Then again, I’m not quite a doctor.

Better to be safe than sorry

i’ve done it before with no problems.

bro. no worries. i have a tat on my left delt. i have probably done at least 60-80 injections in that site. it actually makes that site one of the easier to pinpoint. the tat serves as a roadmap. you can move around easily from week to week without hitting the same spot over and over. i am thinking of getting a bullseye on each of my sites. i’ll never miss : )