Injecting The Day After Donating Blood?

Hi Guys does anyone know if its ok to inject your testosterone the day after donating blood ?

Why wouldn’t it be?

Just wondering if there was any danger because of having less plama and then the injection increasing red blood cells with less plama

It’s extremely common for guys on blast, and kinda common for guys on TRT (within reason) to donate. I feel like you’re safe here.

Ok cool I think i might wait unless someone can comment on here with 100 percent certainty,
Because checking on line the plasma is reduced for 48hrs after donating

By the way iv been on trt/mini cycle for few years and never had to donate until introducing red meat into my diet and having it nearly every day, my rbc shot up like crazy
My hematocrit went up to 55 and hemoglobin 19,
Wich in turn made my blood pressure go up to 140/90

My blood pressure is usaully 125/80
And my hematocrit is usaully 50ish

It really is amazing how eating 1 specific food can affect everything so much

Dont see a reason why not. I have always done it and i dont even donate blood i just spill mine in a bowl. You can see some pics in my training log.

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Ok decent mate that sounds like a good heads up speaking from your experience,

Im thinking to start doing that my self mate,
What do i need to buy to do it ?

Because i dont wanna give up eating red meat regularly,

I cant find your training log can you send me the link to it

Did you donate only plasma or whole blood?

Edit - nevermind, there is not much about dumping blood and i cant find where did that idea started on this forum.

All you need is 16g needle and a bowl :slight_smile: there are tons of videos on youtube on how to do it.

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I donated whole blood is been around 36 hours now

There is no way I could do this lol. That’s a harpoon. It took me some hyping up for my first self injection though. You’re crazy man! I think what you did made sense though due to the circumstance.

Hi mate do you use a tube for the blood to run out into the bowl if so can you send me a link with the specific tube i need to buy,

Because if i just use a needle with no tube the blood will go everywhere i think,

Thanks J

No, i dont use a tube, because there are none available in my country.
I barelly got 16g needles and a tourniquet. The blood does not shoot out like people might think. At least - not mine.
I put on the tourniquet, i find a vein, i jab the needle in slowly until blood starts to come out of the other side of the needle. It comes in a warm stream. You can just let go the needle and let your arm go by your side - the blood comes out the needle, then onto your hand and flows down your hand and then down one of the fingers. Yes, its a bit messy but so is having a bowl full of blood.
You can also hold the needle in an angle, so it doesnt touch the arm and just “aim” the stream into the bowl.

Without the tourniquet the blood flows slower and stops pretty soon. If the stream is too weak the blood just coagulates in the needle.
When you pull out the needle, the blood just flows a bit through the puncture and then coagulates again, but you still need to pressure the vein so it closes properly.

It sounds much more complicated than it is. Its really nothing crazy - if you can piss in a bowl, you will manage to get your blood in there also - its much slower and calmer process than pissing. In fact, i have pissed all around the toilet from time to time, and i have never spilled my blood that much anywhere, haha.

This is how the blood flows without the tourniquet and a needle in… just slow flow and then stops.

Regular blood dump. Blood flow stopped after 200g came out.

This is twice as much. As you can see - bubbles.
I experimented with taking a PUMP pre workout before doing this and it really helped. Got twice as much at the same time. And also got to see how pump products work, haha. If there are bubbles in your blood, it means the pump product is good, haha.

As you can maybe realize by what im saying its that the blood doesnt really blast out. If you fuck up, you might end up getting only 150-200g out. You have to practice and find a way to actually be able to squeeze out a good amount.

Anyways, i have done it around 10 times, and now my ferritin is too low, lol.
Keep that in check, because that one drops much faster than everything else.

Thanks for the detailed message bud, much appreciated, Il check on google what a tourniquet is,
And il give it a go mate,
I can’t imagine it being that difficult I might try and buy the full tube kit,
Do you know what that would be called ?

why not just inject the day before donating or morning ??

Tourniquet is the thing you put on the biceps and squeeze tight. I used google translate for it cuz im not an english native speaker and i didn’t know the word so maybe the translation is not entirely correct.
Therefore i also dont know how the kit or tube would be called :frowning:

You’re fine to inject after donation. I do it every time. I don’t think your rbcs are going to climb rapidly while your plasma volume is down. It takes time for that to happen. Stick to the donation, plenty of people can benefit from what you are doing.