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Injecting the Correct Dosage Help


Hey guys,

Absolutely no tutorial says anything about getting the correct Doseage into the injection site. What I mean by that is say you’re doing Tren Ace ED and .1ml makes a world of difference then you’d want the amount injected to be almost exact.

I’m having an issue figuring out how to do that when I inject, say, .3ml of Tren Ace I’m unsure if in getting the actual full .3ml as there is always some left in the syringe/needle.

Do you guys add an extra .1ml of the substance to make up for the loss? Do you keep air in it? Or just do it as is?

Thanks guys I seriously have looked everywhere can’t find an answer.

.1ml is a big difference for me on the Tren ace especially pinning ED


if you have a little air bubble at the top of the barrel, that’ll push through any oil trapped in the needle. So draw however much you need, then draw a little air in. When you upend the syringe for pinning, that little air bubble’ll be at the top, and that’ll push through the oil. See what I mean?

You could try switching to slin pins. They’re great so long as you’re injecting less than a ml