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Injecting T Cyp SubQ Tips

I’ve been doing this for a couple of months now and it works fine. You can see my latest labs on my last post. If you want to give this a go here are some tips:

  1. Inject every three days.
  2. Use a 29g 1/2, pinch an inch of skin on your thigh, inject at a 45 degree angle so the T cyp is away from the injection site, remove the needle, release the skin fold. If you inject straight in you get a little leakage before the hole closes up.
  3. Expect a different feel. SubQ releases T slower so you’ll have a steady high level. You won’t feel a spike and then a drop. On 110mg a week my TT was 872 on the day of injection before the injection so what the research says regarding this route I’m assuming is true.

My personal opinion is T cyp was probably originally injected IM because of the size of the dose. Say every three weeks at 300mg. You aren’t going to inject that amount subQ! As we all know the maximum you can go between injections is a week and that doesn’t even work well.

A small amount injected subQ every three days doesn’t even make a bump under your skin. No pain, no irritation, etc. Logic would tell you there may be a greater increase in E2 going subQ but the research says the opposite. It appears the slower release of T keeps E2 in check. I’m using 1/4mg of Adex every other day and that’s consistent with IM.