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Injecting Sub Q to Reduce Scar Tissue


I'm on prescribed TRT, injecting 1ml of Sustanon 250 per week, divided into 2 Injections.

I've been injecting this into the muscle in my hip area, alternating sides each time but am now finding that my glutes / hips are losing mobility and aching which is also causing issues with a prior knee injury due to what I assume is a buildup of scar tissue.

I've previously tried injecting into quads and felt like someone hit me with a baseball bat so would it be a good option to switch to subcutaneous Injections to avoid this issue?
Have read various opinions on this but can't seem to find anything conclusive.
Seen a few horror stories of people having bad swelling but then I had that when I went into my quads.

Any help on this would really be appreciated.


I'm not sure what the controversy is??? SubQ test is 100% absorbed. It is absorbed at a slower, steadier pace which decreases aromatization. It is painless and prevents poking 1000's of holes in your muscles. The only slight downside is that drawing the test into the insulin syringe is slow and injection time is a little longer. Otherwise sq is superior by far. Try it, you'll like it.


I would stay at it. I rarely feel any post injection pain anymore.


If taking a little longer to draw the test into the syringe is the only down side, I'm sold!

Can't see any benefit to keep sticking holes in my muscles when I can get the same results injecting sub q.
Is there definitely no increased risk of infection, swelling etc?

What size needle / syringe would you recommend for 0.5ml of sust?

Also are there any particular areas that you favour for Injections?
Previously injected HCG a few inches either side of the naval but am guessing any fatty area would work?


I use insulin syringes. I inject my thighs mostly. Some hip area as well. I don't like the abdomen area at all. Why would there be more infections? It's a less traumatic injection. Do diabetics have lots of injection area infections? Just stop fucking around and inject sq!


Let me second nashtide. The abdomen area leaves lumps on me. Thighs and hips are my favs . I use a 29g half inch insulin syringe


It's decided then. I'll start sub q Injections ASAP into hip and thigh areas.

I'm due to injection tomorrow but the smallest needles I have are 23G 1". Would it be ok to use this and just not put the needle the whole way in or should I wait til u have insulin needles and syringes?


29 1/2" 0.5ml

1.0ml will inject slower as less pressure developed by the larger diameter plunger.

IM with #29 made my muscles hard/solid. Since recovered.


I've been very curious about this as well. However, I dont have a lot of bodyfat and certainly none on my quads. Maybe some on my lower abdomen but not much. Where do you inject when your BF is low?


My legs in are the one part of me that is without fat. But SQ still works well, just pinch the skin a bit . The needle is only a half inch. They do make a 29g 5/16s I had some of them I was using for HCG. But they worked well in the low fat areas for TRT


Thanks for the reply. So do you draw with the insulin syringe or do you pull the plunger and backfill with a large gauge needle?


Both ways work. It take me about 3 to 4 minutes for me to draw with a 29g. 30 seconds to back fill. It is just a matter of how cheap I fill like being


Am a bit confused.

Can I inject subq with the needle and plunger I have or will it cause an issue?
To me, it seems that as long as I go in at an angle and don't go into the muscle I should be fine but would like someone to confirm.

Your post says that your muscles went hard with #29 but have referenced IM?


IM is injecting into muscle.

Pinch up skin and insert needle at an angle into the end of the pinched up skin. - somewhere in the stickies, probably protocol for injections.

If not much fat, you can see veins easier and avoid them.


I'm clear on IM being intra muscular but am just unclear whether or not using a 23g 1 inch needle will cause an issue subq?
Everyone else seems to be using smaller needles


I would absolutely suggest smaller syringes and needles. Insulin pins work great. 29g 1/2" needles.


I gather you have a bunch of 23g 1 inch needles. A box of 100, 29g 1/2 Insulin Syringes cost $15.00


Not bad, I get similar at Walmart, their ReLion house brand made by BD.

Using larger needles just because you have them may not make sense. Get the #29 syringes and use a pack of 10, then go back to #23 1" and see if you still want to use up all of those.


Wasn't so much wasting the 23G needles I was worried about, just would have liked to start subq yesterday but will order the 29G insulin syringes and begin subq as soon as received.

Think I'll inject just above the hip as there seems to be the most fat there. Can't seem to pinch anything on quads and would rather not have the oil possibly showing over my Abs.

Will be sure to update on how it goes.

Thanks for all the feedback and advice


This obsession with more fat seems misplaced. I pinch up a fold if skin on my upper legs and insert the needle into the base of the end pf the fold. That pinch of skin is less that 1/4" thick.