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Injecting on Fixed Weekday Instead of "Every X Days"?

Hi guys just a quick question - is it ok to inject e.g Monday/Thursday instead of E3D protocol?

Plenty of people do it that way. Just compensate the dose slightly if you’re changing from say every 3rd day to twice a week so that you get the same amount of test on average per day or week or whatever unit of time you want to use

Some argue that it is good to mix up the dosages anyway, so for 100mg per week you could go 40mg Monday and 60MG Thursday - something about the mimicking peaks and troughs of endogenous production.

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I am more consistent on the fixed weekday. I tried the other way, but I would always lose track of when was the last shot.

That’s actaully very good idea to mix dosages, thanks for the tip. And yeah basically I just find it simpler to remember Mo/Thu than E3D

I haven’t been on TRT that long and just started a protocol with Defy Medical 3-4 weeks ago. I am supposed to inject twice a week. I was told just doing the same days consistently every week was fine, which is what you are asking. However, I inject Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. So this maintains an every 3.5-day interval for me.

I do 200 mg/mL a week split up on Tuesdays and Fridays.(I get the 200mg per 1ML solution)
I do .45mL on Tuesday’s and 5.5mL on Friday’s. At first I was doing .5mL on those days but by Monday I wasn’t feeling my best/sharpest so I removed .05mL from Tuesday and moved it to Friday. Works for me.

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I’m assuming you mean 0.55ml. 5.5ml would be 1100mg’s. That’d be an interesting ride!

:slight_smile: LOL ugh, i’m such a dumb*ss. :slight_smile: Yeah, basically a little less than half a syringe on Tuesday then a little more than half on Friday.

Still learning this whole measurement conversion thing.


Every 5 days is the best schedule for most.

This is my exact protocol too.