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Injecting On An Empty Stomach?

ok so this is my 4th injection, 2nd time to myself. today i woke up first thing i did was shoot .75ml of deca in my ass all was good as soon as i pulled out i felt like puking, i even gagged but nothing came out. i chilled a bit sat on the toilette and took a shit and i was fine as soon as i was done wiping my ass.

my question is is this a cowincidense (i cant spell) or is it bad to inject on empty stomach???

Shit, I feel you dude. I hate injecting. I get dizzy and queezy and I passed out once. I’m a major puss when it comes to sticking myself.

I don’t know if it’s cause you’re a pussy like me or if you were on an empty stomach. I don’t remember the last time I was on an empty stomach, so I know it wasn’t that for me.

nah it goes in easy, i actually look forward to injecting cuz that means its in meeeeeeeee. that was my 4rt shot first time on a empty stomach thats what i assume made me do that but wasnt sure.

anyways injecting sux i hate it and i love it.

same shit happens to me, if i do it right in the morning on an empty stomach i feel real sick and start sweating, def gotta eat something before

I used to inoculate people for a living, that obviously nulled any fear of needles I’d ever have. Initially, nobody hates injecting themselves. But I honestly think that, over time, you guys will also become very used to it.

ok good to hear im not alone, i was starting to think i had ‘dirty’ gear, becuase that shot was the first one from that vial.

Definately has nothing to do with the gear. Your getting yourself all worked up causing your to be naucious. Until you can get over your fear or injection/needles just make sure you have some food in ya.
I passed out after getting some type of shot back in high school, however have never had an issue beyond that.

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