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Injecting Nandralone SC?

I’m trying Test cyp injections SC. Usually use 1.5" IM. Would it be wise to inject Nandralone SC? Also, I have a lot of 1.5" pins. Should/could I use them to inject sc? Thanks.

Can you explain your reasoning for doing so other than just to complicate something that works very well the way it is (IM injections)?

Sure. I have been doing IM injections with Test and Nandralone. I read a post about SC Test injections and thought about SC with Nandralone.

Sure. I have been injecting Test and Nandralone IM. I read a post here about injecting Test SC. I am wondering if I should inject Nandralone SC too.

No, you don’t seem to understand.

Why would you opt to use SC injections when IM works JUST fine.

SC (in this particular context) is really only for those who are injecting TRT daily over years IMO, for a cycle you are better off going IM.

  1. You have esters that only need injecting 2x/wk so you will be injecting lerger volumes less often - not ideal for oil depots under the skin.

  2. You are on a finite cycle, no need to worry about ‘scar tissue’ (not that i have ever heard of that causing real issue).

  3. I wouldn’t suggest you try every new method JUST because you read it can be done under some circumstances.

To answer your question, yes of course Nandrolone can be injected SC. But why you would is beyond me.

Thank you. I’ll continue with the IM.