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Injecting: Muscle or IT Band?

Hi. I am injecting testosterone into my quad and i have a question. What is first? Muscle or IT Band? Do i need to go through the IT Band in order to get into the muscle or is the muscle first and if i put a needle too far then it reaches IT Band? Thanks.

Try here. This is where I pin with the least impacts, pain, nerve hits, and bleeding.


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Thanks, man. Appreciate it and i’ll definitely try it. But i would still like to know what is first, muscle or IT Band?

Based on this diagram, its first. But you shouldn’t be injecting anywhere near it.

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I’ve read that injections directly into the sack is the best possible location for maximum results. Really helps to get the testicles firiing.


I am very intrested in your answer as well. Why shouldn’t you inject any near IT band?

Thanks. Why shouldn’t I, though?

I hear you, man. I’ve tried that but the problem is that my balls are too small even for insulin needle. I’ll just stick with injecting into my eyes. Sometimes when i forget to rotate spots between my eye balls i inject into the same eye 2 in a row and i go blind for a day or a week. Not big of a problem.

IT band is not a muscle. Why do you want to inject into it?

I don’t want to inject into IT Band. I’d like to know what would happen if i would inject there and why i shouldn’t do that.

The IT band is a tendon, not a muscle. So A) it would hurt. and B) it would not absorb properly.

Now stop asking stupid questions.


Thats one way to give an oral regimen lol