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Injecting is Scary


Hello all i am new here. No i don't want you to critique my cycle or future cycle that has me concerned about the injections, i have a through understanding of the search option and there is already plenty of information for me to look at here.

My worry more like a phobia.. is that i will accidentally inject air into myself which from what i have seen in movies is like instant death... that thought alone is why my first cycle which i am currently about to start, is an oral only cycle just FYI in case anyone is curious i will post what i am taking and the dosage and time period after.

So i have to imagine that it cant be such a dangerous thing to attempt if so very many people here are doing it on a weakly basis.. is there some kind of new syringe that has a safety feature or is it just preparation, concentration, and experience?


OP there is always a risk associated with injections. However most of them IMO are sanitation related. We're not shooting iv, those that are smart always aspirate before inject and ensure everything is sterile before hand. So yes, preparation and concentration.

I was nervous my first time but I think the excitement over ruled any qualms I had about pinning.

I know you didn't ask for a critic but your pct looks like shit. Read and evaluate.

I won't comment on the rest of the cycle


alright then i'm assuming you think the dosage is way to low right? because according to what i have read nolvadex and proviron are very popular and work well?


The air in the injection thing is mostly a myth. I've read it takes something like a full mL of air to cause an embolism, and even then you don't necessarily die. Besides which you aren't injecting into a vein, you're injecting into the muscle. I've injected a little bubble of air just to clear the syringe hundreds of times. You would also aspirate (pull the plunger back a bit) before you start injecting the oil, so you will know whether or not you've accidentally hit a vein (which I've never had happen once in hundreds of injections).

Infection is 10000x more concerning than injecting air into your vein lol. And if you wipe everything down with alcohol and inject in a clean environment, the chances of infection are very low.


phewww thank you overstand, i feel better about the whole process now.

bchrisen: what would you suggest for pct? up the dosage of one or both or something completely different like Clomid? I have a high tolerance for hardcore supplements stimulants and medication in general so i don't really expect to experience the side effects too heavily if at all.. i know shit happens so i am more than willing to beef up my pct to avoid man boobs...


So here is my idea for the second cycle which i have plenty of time before.. i will post both charts one is obviously more hardcore and expensive than the other.. which makes me a little weary of it this first one seems a little more conservative for a newbie.


This is the second option and seems a little balls deep for a second cycle in my opinion.. these cycles come as a package deal so if you guys think the PCT is to light please let me know so i can get more or something different... thank you all in advance.


An oral only cycle is going to be a waste of time and money, especially dbol. Your gains will be mostly water and you'll lose 90% of them within a few weeks. Just bite the bullet and do a Test cycle. 10 weeks @ 500mg Test and 4 weeks @ 30mg Dbol is a good first cycle.


overstand: see the thing is i have heard what you are saying frequently. "You lose most of it" but the more realistic conciseness between the ani dianabol cycle is 70% loss.. but on the flip side people who have experience with dbol cycles very similar to the one i posted Absolutely loved it.. and claim that they barely lost any of the progress they made..

that why since it really is not that expensive of a cycle and i am already proficient in the gym and kitchen and with the support supplements.. i figured no harm no foul if it works for me then awesome if it doesn't then i will learn from my mistake and definitely go with the dbol/test cycle.. so you think the first example i posted is a more realistic second cycle as far as adding the injections? not the second one right?


I just love injecting into my glutes. I always looked forward to it :smiley:


ROFL brave man. i'll bite the bullet and most definitely going for the glutes.. after reading another recent post about a first timer.. that injected his quad then his delt. and got swelling and irritation.


Overstand covered it on the air thing. Even if you inject an air bubble straight into your vein, it won't do much. You would have to inject an insulin pin full of air into your vein to actually risk death, and it would likely be to painful to actually complete.

injecting isn't nearly as bad as you think. I'm on my 2nd cycle now and i haven't had the slightest problem with ANY injection that i've done, in fact I enjoy it now. Of course it was nerve racking the first time, but its something you have to get over.

keep in mind that their are tons of people injecting this stuff every day or every other day and don't experience any problems. You can also find videos and instructions on the net that are very detailed in telling you how to do IM injections.


Any time you open a new site you're likely to have some soreness for a few days afterward. Maybe the muscle isn't used to extra fluid volume, maybe the oil irritates tissue at first, maybe it's the alcohol. Who knows. But any time you hit a new site it's probably going to be sore. Not a big deal at all. After a few injections you'll hardly notice it. Sites are a matter of personal preference, but glutes are my least favorite. They're just hard for me to reach and I start shaking a lot from holding the position. Vastus lateralis (side of quad) and delt are my choice.

As for the fear, we have all faced it. It took me like 2 hours to do my first shot, and I've never been particularly scared of needles from the doctor. Doing it yourself is a whole 'nother story though. Don't be embarrassed; there is nothing natural about jabbing a sharp piece of metal into your flesh. You know rationally that it's not really going to hurt, because you've had shots before. It's just a mental thing. Once you've done it a few times, it's a breeze.


I love injecting..


yeah as stated above most people will lose most of the size from an oral only cycle. After a few times it becomes second nature to do injections. one thing is for sure just as much thought needs to go into your pct that you put into the cycle. I am going to try the test taper with masteron for the first time and i am more worried about getting that part right than injections.

This will be the first time i have to do every day injections so site rotation will be new to me. for your test cycle just hit your glute and let it ride. If you do the sus cycle you will need to pin every other day to keep your blood levels consistant. just keep it simple until you get comfortable with the process. test e is the way to go, you will not be disapointed.


Liver damage is more likely to get you than injection dangers. It gets more guys into more danger than shooting does.

That said:
Injecting is always risky, not usually from bad injection procedure, although that WILL DEFINITELY catch up to you.
But from not knowing the quality of what you are injecting. None of us can really know how good what we are getting is.
You can heat and Wman filter it all you want. It might simply have heavy metals in it.

Its a risk we all take.

Heroin addicts shoot plenty of crazy dirty shit from a dirty spoon with a dirty syringe daily INTO VEINS and plenty are doing ok, usually its the heroin that gets them.

Any steroid user should be a borderline medical tech. Its the only safe way to do it. Learn, read everything, not bro procedure, actual medical procedure.

All steroid users should have access to medical personal if needed, and a personal stash of strong antibiotics, a full course.

If you cant afford these things, you are not using responsibly and should not be using.


whoa access to medical personal? .. i don't think my doctor is going to like me trying to get him to inject my illegal steroids in my ass rofl. i understand where your coming from with the borderline med. tech. thing though, i know more about different medications/supplements and the human body than any normal person and sometimes more than the med. techs. i personally know.. i have been reading for the past 2 weeks about injection procedures and safety, different types of syringes available what gauge needle and length needed for the oil ect..


Op , I like the 2nd cycle you posted better provided you change a few things. First the sust needs to pinned eod. The deca should be front loaded and discontinued week 7. Deca needs to be pinned 2x a week. You need to save the nolva for pct. Get an AI to control e while on. adex at .25 mg eod is usually sufficient. Nolva need to be started week 10 at 40 mg a day for the first 2 weeks and then 20 mg a day for the next 2 weeks.

That's how I'd run it anyway


All those cycles posted are FUCKING PANTS.


I'm surprised no one has mentioned the fun in watching your leg kick without you "commanding" it to do so (quad injection)... or am I the only asshole that hits a nerve about 20% of the time? hahaha.