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Injecting Into Vein...


ok so i had my 4th injection this week of sus and i hit the left quad (first time that im hitting ths muscle) and way i did the whole lot with the cleaning and the aspiring, didnt see any blood coming out, but as i pulled out the niddle a shit load of blood came out and its also sore when moving my leg and sowllen as well.

now as i injected i think that i stuck the niddle in a bit more. so what can happen from injection into vein? oh yea its 0.75ml


If you injected into a vein you would know immediately. Most likely you simply passed through a vein. Nothing to worry about, but if a bunch of blood came out there's a good chance most of the oil leaked out as well.


Ive had the exact same thing happen to me. I injected Test400 into my right quad, aspirated and no blood. Pulled the needle out and loads of blood squirted out.
My leg then went numb and was swollen for the next couple of days. Take some painkillers you should be fine. The hospital said to me its just abit of haemorrhage most probably caused by hitting a blood vessel, swelling caused by the blood leakage into muscle.
I was fine after 2-3 days.


thanks for the help!!
i figured that i prob just hit it or somthing but just wanted to be on ths safe side.
any way its just swollen and sore as f#%K and also got some nice colouring to it with a very nice blue tinge


agreed. You just nicked a vein. No need to panic.

Although, I disagree that you likely lost oil. Blood and oil don't really mix, since blood is essentially water. The oil is thicker. I think it more likely that the oil you just injected is creating pressure, pushing the blood out.

One way to tell: the blood will dry quickly and feel sticky. Oil won't dry at all and will feel oily (imagine that) between your fingers. But I suspect that the oil you lose is minimal.

Pull your needly out more slowly and you'll minimize the issue. Also you can "Z-track" or pull flesh to the side before you inject, when the skin slides back into place you won't have a consistent track for the blood to leak through.


As others have said you probably just nicked a vein. One of the first times I injected in my quad, I hit a nerve so my leg started twitching, and then a shitload of blood squirted out when I pulled the needle. I freaked a little, LOL. Injections can be FUN, boys and girls!