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Injecting Into Non-Muscle

Hi T-Folk,

I’ve ‘finally’ got everything I need to start my first cycle, so now my attention is turning to my first injection.

I realise injecting into anything other than muscle tissue isn’t good. However I figure that I can’t go too far wrong having read so much on where and how to inject.

My only questions are:

  1. If I accidentally inject into fat, will the oil dissipate? Will it linger there for ages? Will the Test be wasted?

  2. Lets say I inject slightly high in my glutes - is there any appreciable space or substance between my glutes and adjacent muscles where the T will be wasted or cause damage? I suppose this goes for injecting ‘between’ the heads of the delts and quads as well. I doubt I’ll mess up, but I’m curious all the same.

Appreciate any input.
Cheers all.

That’s a good question bro, I’ve always wondered what happens if you infect into adipose tissue?


i wouldn’t worry about it if your bodyfat is not too high, you are more likely to hit bone if you pick the wrong site. basically aim for the upper and outer half of the buttocks and inject while bent over its pretty straight forward.


  1. wipe top of vial with alcohol swab (i use a special one with chlorahexidine added to prolong the antiseptic affect)
  2. draw out your injection with a fresh sterile pin and syringe, recap the needle when done.
  3. wipe around injection site (i usually end up wiping down half my ass cheek)
  4. uncap the needle and bend over and stick it in to the injection site all the way and a little more so it is pushing in the skin and pull back on the plunger to aspirate, clear bubbles means inject here, red ones are blood, withdraw and try again (this is one time you can ‘reuse’ a needle, though i would put a new pin on)
  5. if all went well, you are now injecting. if you are using a 25g, then it could take half a minute so don’t be alarmed.
  6. when you are done injecting pull the syringe straight out and recap and discard safely.

oh yeah, it only hurts for a sec as you pierce the skin, then usually you can’t feel anything for a bit, then in an hour or so you will feel the inject in your muscle as it will be tight there. if you inject too much, then it will hurt regardless of what it is.

goodluck with the cycle