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Injecting into Lateral Triceps Brachii?


Does any of you inject or injected into their tricep brachii muscle? Is it something that can be done without a problem or is it somehow a ‘dangerous’ spot? I am not sure i am calling this correctly. I mean this place to be exact:

P.S I use 29G insulin needle. I inject everyday. Already use VG, delts, legs. But the more injection sites the better i guess.


I would add pecs and lats before I’d do brachialis.

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I’ve done calves a few times. But generally shoulders or quads

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Already doing that :smiley:

Lats if you have em

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You can, but why? There are so many other sites that are more comfortable.

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Can you mention them? I am already doing ventroglutes, deltoids and legs. Thanks in advance.

Like I said, pecs and lats are easy. Dorsalgluteal is good too.

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Do the lats take a bit to get used to pinning. Delts for me took a while of a lot of pip, now they don’t care. Where do you inject in the lat?

Did left lat yesterday. Went pretty good.

It’s good, right? Way easier once you do it because when I first pictured it I shuddered a little bit.

Yeah, just got a little bit of a muscle twitch when pushing needle. Both left and right side.

I use a few different ones, as follows, and rotate delts, lats, pecs, ventrogluteal, quads and calves in a certain order:

  • right side delt (27 needle, 5/8")
  • left side delt (as above)
  • right side lat (insulin pin - i.e. 29 needle, 0.5")
  • left side lat (as above)
  • right side pec (insulin pin - as per lat)
  • left side pec (as above)
  • right side ventrogluteal (25 needle, 1" - this site and quads appear to benefit from slightly longer/more depth for less pip)
  • left side ventrogluteal (as above)
  • right side quad (as for ventrogluteal)
  • left side quad (as above)
  • right side calf (insulin pin per lats and pecs - but note this site is most pippy unless using less than 0.5ml/cc by volume- more than that stings, unlike other sites)
  • left side calf (as above)

The only common site I don’t use is the dorsogluteal… Purely because I cannot reach it well unless someone else does it for me, and I do all my own pins.

Apologies for such detail, but figured it might help some to see the different sites and needle lengths laid out - the thing I like about the above is that you can inject even daily (as I have done, currently on EoD) and with 12 sites, it takes nearly two weeks to do the same one again.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I used to do Enth injections in my pic using a 1/2" 25g pin. How are you putting Cyp through a slin pin? I’d imagine it takes forever to inject?

Injecting absolutely does take longer than the 27 and of course 25G, though not long as I’m dealing in increments of 0.1ml/cc if EoD protocol (at 300mg/ml) and 0.05ml/cc if an ED protocol. Very small amounts of oil but my T is fairly high concentration, so a fair dose even taking into account the ester weight.

Goes without saying that I ‘backfill’ the slin pins as its too difficult to simply draw the oil through a 29G, but injecting is fine.

I see, for a 1ml once a week seems like it would take way to long.

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Agree, 1ml of oil through a slin pin would be a bit of a pain. Most I’ve done is 0.5ml and that was enough. They are great for the pecs, lats and calves though.

Weird thing - i am injecting enanthate with 29G insulin needle. It injects as fast as it would be water. I’ve been hearing all the time how hard is to push the oil even with 27G! It’s not like that to me at all. Don’t get it :D.