Injecting into Flexed Muscle

I have been injecting into upper thighs while seated, occasionally hit a nerve and my thigh flexes, anyway this doesn’t happen on my glute injections, and it just slides in.
Any way my glute shots my muscle is flexed, anybody inject in upper thigh will standing, i am going to start pinning twice a week soon, and this summer eod
Also i currently use 21 guage needles, can i go to a 25 with no trouble.

Hello…I am new to TRT. I have been injecting for 6 wks now. Feeling good everything is going well…still in the new phase. When it comes to injecting I have always done upper thigh, 2x/wk alternating legs after each wk. I try to keep my leg relaxed; on the toilet works best for me, prob bed same result. I have never hit a nerve, though doc said no big deal if you do, but hope to not hit one. I would not injecct standing Im guessing, though I am not a pro. This is my limited experience. One thing I have noticed it hurts a tad worse in my left leg? I have no idea why As for needle, I like 23x1; 25x1.5 I dont like, hurts more though thinner but intimidating when sticking the longer needle in thigh for me…21 may be too thick? (anybody chime in with their opinion)

This happens to me too. Also only in my quads. Ain’t pleasant but a small price to pay.

Use a syringe used typically for insulin and inject into your delts. I usually don’t feel anything, literally.

If you are right hand dominant it might be going in at different angle .

I am a relative noob (less than a year) and like you, have been doing intramuscular via 21G needles. But because of possible muscle damage over time I’ve ordered 25G 5/8" needles and will start doing subcutaneous injections instead.

I’m doing this for 2 reasons. One like I mentioned, as many have described on the forum, IM injections can cause scarring. And two, recently I’ve had hard to explain erratic levels and symptoms. So my thought is, if you are shooting in the same spots (even though you are rotating) those spots can develop scarring or hardening, and (this part is only theory on my part) this possibly is affecting absorption and levels.

So when my new needles get here I will be joining the SQ club.