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Injecting Into a Tendon???


Does anyone know what would be the results if you injected into a tendon?..In the front delt preferably.


Tendons and ligaments do not have very good circulation. Probably not good.


It would be impossible to inject INTO a tendon as they are too dense.


Other than most likely hurting like hell? Might weaken said tendon and lead to an injury, why the speculation?


can you prove this?


Whats wrong with IM injection? Is there any certain reason for wanting to inject into a tendon, specificaly the anterior delt?

Also won't the top of the bicep get in the way?


I dont want to inject into one I think I might have..either that or a nerve


Tendons and ligaments are made of tough fibrous material and it would be very difficult to inject oil into one.


The effect would be similar to tendonitis I would think. Swelling, pain, and lots of pressure on near by nerves.

If you actually pierced a nerve there would be no question on what you had done, you would know you had pierced the nerve.