Injecting in Delts Only?

I hope everyone is well and safe,

I am currently running 400 Test E per week, I am currently on week 8 amd gains have been very good, I’m 36 next week and already have two kids and no more are planned, my question is as I am leaning toward cruising now as my overall health and happiness has improved so much on this cycle (my first) I am strongly considering cruising.

However I had issues with a glute injection and for the last two weeks I have been Injecting Delts only, I inject twice a week, I was wondering is it sustainable to inject Delts only for trt, injecting one per week alternating sides, long term would this be over using the delt injection area?

No issues at all. That’s where a good percentage of the guys on the T Replacement thread inject, including me. I don’t know what your dose is, but If you’re using an insulin pin, then injecting a whole 1mL into shallow IM in the delt might be too much volume and it could be painful. If that’s not you, then you’re fine. If you’re using a longer pin, then be careful not to hit the axillary nerve. I’ve done it and it really sucked. Luckily no permanent damage.

I’m currently doing half a ml twice a week into my Delts with an insulin needle, I was worried that overtime pinning Delts would break down the muscle, thanks for your feedback!

I inject 1 mL into my delts twice a week with a 3 cc syringe and a 1/2" 25 gauge needle. Wife does it for me and its been great.

I pinned in my glutes for years and started getting a lot of scar tissue. Pinning delts has been a lifesaver.

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I have been pinning delts. I find it to be a craps shoot. Sometimes smooth, sometimes pretty painful for a day or two.

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My trt is exclusively delts. Easy, painless, and I don’t have to take my pants off.

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I think I’m going to do this then, I hate injecting glutes, I can’t reach and the missus is scared to do it, plus she’s the type if I say pin here she will move two inches and not realise, its all the same kinda attitude!

Still need to make sure you inject in the thickest part of the muscle. Sometimes my wife goes a little low and I have to get her to move to the center of the delt.

I manage to do Delts myself, I can’t asperate but I put a little in and see if I can taste metal after a few seconds

I’ve never aspirated in over 10 years


Ive been running TrT now 2yrs with twice a week injections. I have only hit quads. Doc had me started using 21g, then I found better advice and moved to 23g. Now Im in heaven using 25g, I barely feel the little prick.

That’s what she said.


Is there a chance that i can still get a shallow i.m with 0.3 inch needle on my delts?

Im pretty lean, 1.80, 72kg, low fat. So i feel like there isn’t much of a fat tissue on my delts but im not sure.

I just don’t want to hit a nerve or something. Also which exact spot/ muscle group is the best on delts?


Maybe and even if you can’t there are some folks who advocate for subQ Test shots. With that said though, I use a 1/2" on my delts and it works great.

I would try to inject into the thickest part of the delt and towards the rear if possible. I am lucky that my wife does all my injections for me.


I am wondering if the 0.3" was a typo? I haven’t ever seen that size? I think I’ve seen 5/16 which is 0.3125". I’d just stick with 1/2".